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Macmillan International Higher Education Your home for textbooks Bedford/St Martin’s  |  WH Freeman  |  Worth Publishers  |  Palgrave I Springer ​ We wanted to let you know about a few changes. Palgrave Higher Education has changed the name to Macmillan International Higher Education.   Is a cutting-edge publisher of textbooks and learning resources for university-level students. Still publish textbooks and digital solutions for an international audience in social sciences, business, study skills, humanities, the sciences, technology, engineering and maths. ... read more
Published Effective 10th January RE:  IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR SINAUER ASSOCIATES’ CUSTOMERS Dear Valued Customer: Since 1999, textbooks published under the Sinauer Associates imprint have been distributed into specified regions outside North America by the Higher Education division of Macmillan Education, Macmillan International Higher Education, part of Springer Nature. Since March 2017 the Sinauer Associates titles were fully integrated into Springer Nature customer service and fulfillment systems. Effective 10th January (TBC), 2018, Oxford University Press (OUP) who now own Sinauer Associates will ta ... read more
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