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McGill Queens University Press

<p>McGill-Queen's University Press</p>

McGill-Queen's University Press
McGill-Queen`s University Press
1010 Sherbrooke West
Suite 1720
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2R7 Canada

Is a part of Combined Academic Publishers

*All books are distributed by Marston Book Service
Credit control: Ms Anita Strong
Customer service: Ms Ellen Boxall
Returns should be addressed :
Marston Book Services Ltd
Unit 160,  Milton Park
OX14 4SD
Tel  :  + 44 (0)1235 465500
Fax :  + 44 (0)1235 465555
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McGill-Queen`s University Press publishing books that defend, refute, and create fresh interpretations of the world, MQUP is in the business of debate. With over 2,800 books in print and numerous awards and bestsellers, our goal is to produce rigorously edited, beautifully produced, intelligent, interesting books. 
A joint venture of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, MQUP is both a specialist in the Canadian perspective and a publisher of international themes, attracting attention from the Times Literary Supplement to Dr. Laura. 
A Canadian press with a global reach, we aim to advance scholarship, contribute to culture, and sell books. 
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