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A new series from Berghahn Books Introducing Anthropologys Ancestors





Berghahn Books are pleased to announce a new series: Anthropology's Ancestors

Edited by Aleksandar Bošković, University of Belgrade; Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade; Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/ Saale

As anthropology developed across geographical, historical, and social boundaries, it was always influenced by works of exceptional scholars who pushed research topics in new and original directions and who can be regarded as important ancestors of the discipline. The aim of this series is to offer introductions to these major figures, whose works constitute landmarks and are essential reading for students of anthropology, but who are also of interest for scholars in the humanities and social sciences more generally. In doing so, it offers important insights into some of the basic questions facing humanity.


Coming in 2022: Françoise Héritier by Gérald Gaillard


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