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The arts
 AB The arts: general issues  ABA Theory of art  ABC Conservation, restoration & care of artworks  ABK Forgery, falsification & theft of artworks
 ABQ Art: financial aspects  AC History of art / art & design styles  ACB Art styles not defined by date  ACBK Art of indigenous peoples
 ACBN Naive art  ACBP Oriental art  ACBS Colonial art  ACC History of art: pre-history
 ACG History of art: ancient & classical art,BCE to c 500 CE  ACK History of art: Byzantine & Medieval art c 500 CE to c 1400  ACN History of art & design styles: c 1400 to c 1600  ACND Renaissance art
 ACNH Art & design styles: Mannerism  ACQ History of art & design styles: c 1600 to c 1800  ACQB Art & design styles: Baroque  ACQH Art & design styles: Classicism
 ACV History of art & design styles: c 1800 to c 1900  ACVC Art & design styles: Romanticism  ACVM Art & design styles: Pre-Raphaelite art  ACVN Art & design styles: Arts & Crafts style
 ACVT Art & design styles: Impressionism & Post-Impressionism  ACVY Art & design styles: Art Nouveau  ACX History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -  ACXD Art & design styles: c 1900 to c 1960
 ACXD1 Art & design styles: Expressionism  ACXD2 Art & design styles: Modernist design & Bauhaus  ACXD3 Art & design styles: Art Deco  ACXD5 Art & design styles: Cubism
 ACXD7 Art & design styles: Surrealism & Dada  ACXD9 Art & design styles: Abstract Expressionism  ACXJ Art & design styles: from c 1960  ACXJ1 Art & design styles: Pop art
 ACXJ4 Art & design styles: Minimalism  ACXJ5 Art & design styles: Conceptual art  ACXJ8 Art & design styles: Postmodernism  AF Art forms
 AFC Painting & paintings  AFCC Watercolours  AFCL Oils  AFF Drawing & drawings
 AFH Prints & printmaking  AFJ Other graphic art forms  AFJD Collage & photomontage  AFJG Graffiti & street art
 AFK Non-graphic art forms  AFKB Sculpture  AFKC Carvings: artworks  AFKG Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design
 AFKN Installation art  AFKP Performance art  AFKV Electronic, holographic & video art  AFP Ceramic arts, pottery, glass
 AFPC Ceramics: artworks  AFPM Mosaics: artworks  AFPS Stained glass: artworks  AFT Decorative arts
 AFTB Folk art  AFTC Celtic arts & crafts  AFW Textile artworks  AFWD Textile artworks: carpets & rugs
 AFWH Textile artworks: tapestries, hangings & quilts  AFY Body art & tattooing  AG Art treatments & subjects  AGB Individual artists, art monographs
 AGC Exhibition catalogues & specific collections  AGH Human figures depicted in art  AGHF Portraits in art  AGHN Nudes depicted in art
 AGHX Erotic art  AGK Small-scale, secular & domestic scenes in art  AGN Animals & nature in art (still life, landscapes & seascapes, etc)  AGNB Botanical art
 AGP Man-made objects depicted in art (cityscapes, machines, etc)  AGR Religious subjects depicted in art  AGZ Art techniques & principles  AJ Photography & photographs
 AJB Individual photographers  AJC Photographs: collections  AJCP Photographs: portraits  AJCR Photographic reportage
 AJCX Erotic & nude photography  AJG Photographic equipment & techniques  AJR Special kinds of photography  AJRD Cinematography, television camerawork
 AJRH Video photography  AJRK Aerial photography  AK Industrial / commercial art & design  AKB Individual designers
 AKC Graphic design  AKD Typography & lettering  AKH Book design  AKL Illustration & commercial art
 AKLB Illustration  AKLC Comic book & cartoon art  AKLC1 Graphic novel & Manga artwork  AKLP Poster art
 AKP Product design  AKR Furniture design  AKT Fashion & textiles: design  AKTA Fashion design & theory
 AKTH History of fashion  AKTX Textile design & theory  AM Architecture  AMA Theory of architecture
 AMB Individual architects & architectural firms  AMC Architectural structure & design  AMCR Environmentally-friendly architecture & design  AMD Architecture: professional practice
 AMG Public buildings: civic, commercial, industrial, etc  AMGC Concert halls, arenas, stadia  AMGD Memorials, monuments  AMK Residential buildings, domestic buildings
 AMKD Houses, apartments, flats, etc  AMKH Palaces, chateaux, country houses  AMKL Castles & fortifications  AMN Religious buildings
 AMR Professional interior design  AMV Landscape art & architecture  AMVD City & town planning - architectural aspects  AMX History of architecture
 AN Theatre studies  ANB Theatre: individual actors & directors  ANC Acting techniques  ANF Theatre direction & production
 ANH Theatre: technical & background skills  ANS Theatre management  AP Film, TV & radio  APB Individual actors & performers
 APF Films, cinema  APFA Film theory & criticism  APFB Individual film directors, film-makers  APFD Film scripts & screenplays
 APFG Film guides & reviews  APFN Film: styles & genres  APFR Documentary films  APFV Animated films
 APFX Film production: technical & background skills  APT Television  APTD Television scripts & screenplays  APTS Television soap operas
 APTX Television production: technical & background skills  APW Radio  APWD Radio scripts  AS Dance & other performing arts
 ASD Dance  ASDC Choreography  ASDL Ballet  ASDR Ballroom dancing
 ASDT Contemporary dance  ASDX Folk dancing  ASZ Other performing arts  ASZB Performing arts: comedy
 ASZC Mime  ASZD Street theatre  ASZG Conjuring & magic  ASZH Variety shows, music hall, cabaret
 ASZJ Juggling  ASZM Puppetry, miniature & toy theatre  ASZP Pageants, parades, festivals  ASZW Circus
 ASZX Animal spectacles  AV Music  AVA Theory of music & musicology  AVC Music reviews & criticism
 AVD Discographies & buyer`s guides  AVG Music: styles & genres  AVGC Western "classical" music  AVGC1 Early music (up to c 1000 CE)
 AVGC2 Medieval & Renaissance music (c 1000 to c 1600)  AVGC3 Baroque music (c 1600 to c 1750)  AVGC4 Classical music (c 1750 to c 1830)  AVGC5 Romantic music (c 1830 to c 1900)
 AVGC6 20th century & contemporary classical music  AVGC8 Choral music  AVGC9 Opera  AVGD Sacred & religious music
 AVGE Non-Western music: traditional & "classical"  AVGF Light orchestral & big band music  AVGG Brass band, military music & marches  AVGH Folk & traditional music
 AVGJ Jazz  AVGK Blues  AVGL Country & Western music  AVGM Musicals
 AVGN Popular music, easy listening  AVGP Rock & Pop music  AVGQ Soul & R `n` B  AVGR Rap & Hip-Hop
 AVGS Reggae  AVGT Heavy Metal music  AVGU Punk, New Wave & Indie  AVGV Electronic music
 AVGW World music  AVGZ Ambient & New Age music  AVH Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups  AVQ Musical scores, lyrics & libretti
 AVQS Songbooks  AVR Musical instruments & instrumental ensembles  AVRB Orchestras  AVRD Chamber ensembles
 AVRG Keyboard instruments  AVRJ Percussion instruments  AVRL String instruments  AVRL1 Guitar
 AVRN Wind instruments  AVRQ Mechanical musical instruments  AVRS Electronic musical instruments  AVS Techniques of music / music tutorials
 AVX Music recording & reproduction
Biography & True Stories
 BG Biography: general  BGA Autobiography: general  BGB Biography: business & industry  BGBA Autobiography: business & industry
 BGF Biography: arts & entertainment  BGFA Autobiography: arts & entertainment  BGH Biography: historical, political & military  BGHA Autobiography: historical, political & military
 BGL Biography: literary  BGLA Autobiography: literary  BGR Biography: royalty  BGRA Autobiography: royalty
 BGS Biography: sport  BGSA Autobiography: sport  BGT Biography: science, technology & medicine  BGTA Autobiography: science, technology & medicine
 BGX Biography: religious & spiritual  BGXA Autobiography: religious & spiritual  BJ Diaries, letters & journals  BK Collected biographies
 BM Memoirs  BT True stories  BTC True crime  BTH True stories: discovery / historical / scientific
 BTM True war & combat stories  BTP True stories of heroism, endurance & survival  BTX Erotic confessions & true stories
 CB Language: reference & general  CBD Dictionaries  CBDX Bilingual & multilingual dictionaries  CBF Thesauri
 CBG Usage & grammar guides  CBP Public speaking guides  CBV Creative writing & creative writing guides  CBVS Screenwriting techniques
 CBW Writing & editing guides  CBWJ Journalistic style guides  CBWT Technical writing  CBX Language: history & general works
 CF Linguistics  CFA Philosophy of language  CFB Sociolinguistics  CFC Literacy
 CFD Psycholinguistics  CFDC Language acquisition  CFDM Bilingualism & multilingualism  CFF Historical & comparative linguistics
 CFFD Dialect, slang & jargon  CFG Semantics, discourse analysis, etc  CFGA Semantics & pragmatics  CFGR Discourse analysis
 CFH Phonetics, phonology  CFK Grammar, syntax & morphology  CFL Palaeography (history of writing)  CFLA Writing systems, alphabets
 CFM Lexicography  CFP Translation & interpretation  CFX Computational linguistics  CFZ Sign languages, Braille & other linguistic communication
 CJ Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)  CJA Language teaching theory & methods  CJB Language teaching & learning material & coursework  CJBG Grammar & vocabulary
 CJBR Language readers  CJBT Language self-study texts  CJBV Language learning: audio-visual & multimedia  CJC Language learning: specific skills
 CJCK Speaking / pronunciation skills  CJCL Listening skills  CJCR Reading skills  CJCW Writing skills
Literature & literary studies
 DB Classical texts  DC Poetry  DCF Poetry by individual poets  DCQ Poetry anthologies (various poets)
 DD Plays, playscripts  DDS Shakespeare plays  DN Prose: non-fiction  DNF Literary essays
 DNJ Reportage & collected journalism  DNS Speeches  DQ Anthologies (non-poetry)  DS Literature: history & criticism
 DSA Literary theory  DSB Literary studies: general  DSBB Literary studies: classical, early & medieval  DSBD Literary studies: c 1500 to c 1800
 DSBF Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900  DSBH Literary studies: from c 1900 -  DSBH5 Literary studies: post-colonial literature  DSC Literary studies: poetry & poets
 DSG Literary studies: plays & playwrights  DSGS Shakespeare studies & criticism  DSK Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers  DSR Literary reference works
 DSRC Literary companions, book reviews & guides  DSY Children`s & teenage literature studies  DSYC Children`s & teenage book reviews & guides
English language teaching (ELT)
 EB ELT background & reference material  EBA ELT: teaching theory & methods  EBAL Applied linguistics for ELT  EBAR ELT resource books for teachers
 EBD ELT dictionaries & reference  EL ELT: learning material & coursework  ELG ELT grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation  ELGG ELT grammar
 ELGP ELT pronunciation  ELGV ELT vocabulary  ELH ELT graded readers  ELHB ELT non-fiction & background readers
 ELHF ELT literature & fiction readers  ELM ELT non-book material & resources  ELP ELT workbooks, practice books & exercises  ELS ELT self-study texts
 ELV ELT examination practice tests  ELX ELT: specific skills  ELXD ELT: speaking skills  ELXG ELT: listening skills
 ELXJ ELT: reading skills  ELXN ELT: writing skills  ES ELT: English for specific purposes  ESB ELT: English for business
 ESF ELT: English for academic purposes  EST ELT: English for technical & scientific purposes  ESV ELT: English for travel & communications
Fiction & related items
 FA Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)  FC Classic fiction (pre c 1945)  FF Crime & mystery  FFC Classic crime
 FFH Historical mysteries  FH Thriller / suspense  FHD Espionage & spy thriller  FHP Political / legal thriller
 FJ Adventure  FJH Historical adventure  FJM War & combat fiction  FJMC Napoleonic War fiction
 FJMF First World War fiction  FJMS Second World War fiction  FJMV Vietnam War fiction  FJW Westerns
 FK Horror & ghost stories  FKC Classic horror & ghost stories  FL Science fiction  FLC Classic science fiction
 FLS Space opera  FM Fantasy  FMR Fantasy romance  FP Erotic fiction
 FQ Myth & legend told as fiction  FR Romance  FRD Adult & contemporary romance  FRH Historical romance
 FT Sagas  FV Historical fiction  FW Religious & spiritual fiction  FX Graphic novels
 FXA Graphic novels: Manga  FXL Graphic novels: literary & memoirs  FXS Graphic novels: superheroes & super-villains  FXZ Graphic novels: true stories & non-fiction
 FY Fiction: special features  FYB Short stories  FYT Fiction in translation  FZ Fiction-related items
 FZC Fiction companions  FZG Graphic novels: history & criticism
Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects
 GB Encyclopaedias & reference works  GBA General encyclopaedias  GBC Reference works  GBCB Dictionaries of biography (Who`s Who)
 GBCQ Dictionaries of quotations  GBCR Bibliographies, catalogues  GBCS Serials, periodicals, abstracts, indexes  GBCT Directories
 GBCY Yearbooks, annuals, almanacs  GBG Geographical reference  GBGM World atlases / world maps  GBGP Place names & gazetteers
 GL Library & information sciences  GLC Library, archive & information management  GLF IT, Internet & electronic resources in libraries  GLH Acquisitions & collection development
 GLK Bibliographic & subject control  GLM Library & information services  GLMA Academic & specialist libraries  GLMB Public libraries
 GLMC School libraries & young reader services  GLMG Reference services  GLML Circulation services (eg interlibrary loans)  GLMX Community & outreach services
 GLP Archiving, preservation & digitisation   GM Museology & heritage studies  GP Research & information: general  GPF Information theory
 GPFC Cybernetics & systems theory  GPH Data analysis: general  GPJ Coding theory & cryptology  GPQ Decision theory: general
 GPQD Risk assessment  GPS Research methods: general  GT Interdisciplinary studies  GTB Regional studies
 GTC Communication studies  GTE Semiotics / semiology  GTF Development studies  GTG General studies
 GTH Flags, emblems, symbols, logos  GTJ Peace studies & conflict resolution  GTN Institutions & learned societies: general  GTR Cognitive science
 HB History  HBA History: theory & methods  HBAH Historiography  HBG General & world history
 HBJ Regional & national history  HBJD European history  HBJD1 British & Irish history  HBJF Asian history
 HBJF1 Middle Eastern history  HBJH African history  HBJK History of the Americas  HBJM Australasian & Pacific history
 HBJQ History of other lands  HBL History: earliest times to present day  HBLA Ancient history: to c 500 CE  HBLA1 Classical history / classical civilisation
 HBLC Early history: c 500 to c 1450/1500  HBLC1 Medieval history  HBLH Early modern history: c 1450/1500 to c 1700  HBLL Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900
 HBLW 20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000  HBLW3 Postwar 20th century history, from c 1945 to c 2000  HBLX 21st century history: from c 2000 -  HBT History: specific events & topics
 HBTB Social & cultural history  HBTD Oral history  HBTG Genealogy, heraldry, names & honours  HBTK Industrialisation & industrial history
 HBTM Maritime history  HBTP Historical geography  HBTP1 Historical maps & atlases  HBTQ Colonialism & imperialism
 HBTR National liberation & independence, post-colonialism  HBTS Slavery & abolition of slavery  HBTV Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions  HBTV2 French Revolution
 HBTV4 Russian Revolution  HBTW The Cold War  HBTZ Genocide & ethnic cleansing  HBTZ1 The Holocaust
 HBW Military history  HBWC Crusades  HBWE English Civil War  HBWF American War of Independence
 HBWH Napoleonic Wars  HBWJ American Civil War  HBWL Crimean War  HBWM Boer Wars
 HBWN First World War  HBWP Spanish Civil War  HBWQ Second World War  HBWS Military history: post WW2 conflicts
 HBWS1 Korean War  HBWS2 Vietnam War  HBWS3 Gulf War  HBWS4 Afghan War
 HBWS5 Iraq War  HD Archaeology  HDA Archaeological theory  HDD Archaeology by period / region
 HDDA Prehistoric archaeology  HDDC Middle & Near Eastern archaeology  HDDG Egyptian archaeology / Egyptology  HDDH Biblical archaeology
 HDDK Classical Greek & Roman archaeology  HDDM Medieval European archaeology  HDL Landscape archaeology  HDP Environmental archaeology
 HDR Underwater archaeology  HDT Industrial archaeology  HDW Archaeological science, methodology & techniques  HP Philosophy
 HPC History of Western philosophy  HPCA Western philosophy: Ancient, to c 500  HPCB Western philosophy: Medieval & Renaissance, c 500 to c 1600  HPCD Western philosophy: c 1600 to c 1900
 HPCD1 Western philosophy: Enlightenment  HPCF Western philosophy, from c 1900 -  HPCF3 Phenomenology & Existentialism  HPCF5 Analytical philosophy & Logical Positivism
 HPCF7 Deconstructionism, Structuralism, Post-structuralism  HPD Non-Western philosophy  HPDC Islamic & Arabic philosophy  HPDF Oriental & Indian philosophy
 HPJ Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology  HPK Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge  HPL Philosophy: logic  HPM Philosophy of mind
 HPN Philosophy: aesthetics  HPQ Ethics & moral philosophy  HPS Social & political philosophy  HPX Popular philosophy
 HR Religion & beliefs  HRA Religion: general  HRAB Philosophy of religion  HRAB1 Nature & existence of God
 HRAC Comparative religion  HRAF Interfaith relations  HRAM Religious issues & debates  HRAM1 Religious ethics
 HRAM2 Religion & politics  HRAM3 Religion & science  HRAM6 Religious fundamentalism  HRAM7 Blasphemy, heresy, apostasy
 HRAM9 Religious intolerance, persecution & conflict  HRAX History of religion  HRC Christianity  HRCA The historical Jesus
 HRCC Christian Churches & denominations  HRCC1 The Early Church  HRCC2 Church history  HRCC7 Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church
 HRCC8 Orthodox & Oriental Churches  HRCC9 Protestantism & Protestant Churches  HRCC91 Anglican & Episcopalian Churches, Church of England  HRCC92 Baptist Churches
 HRCC93 Calvinist, Reformed & Presbyterian Churches  HRCC95 Methodist Churches  HRCC96 Pentecostal Churches  HRCC97 Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)
 HRCC99 Other Nonconformist & Evangelical Churches  HRCF Bibles  HRCF1 Old Testaments  HRCF2 New Testaments
 HRCG Biblical studies & exegesis  HRCG1 Biblical commentaries  HRCG2 Biblical concordances  HRCG3 Biblical exegesis & hermeneutics
 HRCG7 Bible studies: for individual or small group study  HRCG9 Bible readings, selections & meditations  HRCJ Ecumenism  HRCL Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals
 HRCL1 Christian prayerbooks  HRCL2 Christian hymnals  HRCM Christian theology  HRCP Christian sermons
 HRCR Christian worship, rites & ceremonies  HRCR1 Christian prayer  HRCS Christian spirituality & religious experience  HRCS1 Christian mysticism
 HRCV Christian life & practice  HRCV1 Christian sacraments  HRCV2 Christian instruction  HRCV3 Christian counselling
 HRCV4 Christian aspects of sexuality, gender & relationships  HRCV9 Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works  HRCX Christian institutions & organizations  HRCX1 Christian leaders & leadership
 HRCX4 Christian ministry & pastoral activity  HRCX6 Christian social thought & activity  HRCX7 Christian mission & evangelism  HRCX8 Christian communities & monasticism
 HRCZ Christian & quasi-Christian cults & sects  HRE Buddhism  HREC Buddhist worship, rites & ceremonies  HREP Buddhist life & practice
 HRES Buddhist sacred texts  HREX Tibetan Buddhism  HREZ Zen Buddhism  HRG Hinduism
 HRGC Hindu worship, rites & ceremonies  HRGP Hindu life & practice  HRGS Hindu sacred texts  HRH Islam
 HRHC Islamic worship, rites & ceremonies  HRHP Islamic life & practice  HRHS The Koran  HRHT Islamic theology
 HRHX Sufism & Islamic mysticism  HRJ Judaism  HRJC Judaism: worship, rites & ceremonies  HRJP Judaism: life & practice
 HRJS Judaism: sacred texts  HRJT Judaism: theology  HRJX Judaism: mysticism  HRK Other non-Christian religions
 HRKB Baha`i  HRKJ Jainism  HRKN Oriental religions  HRKN1 Confucianism
 HRKN3 Shintoism  HRKN5 Taoism  HRKP Ancient religions & mythologies  HRKP1 Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology
 HRKP2 Celtic religion & mythology  HRKP3 Ancient Greek religion & mythology  HRKP4 Roman religion & mythology  HRKP5 Norse religion & mythology
 HRKS Sikhism  HRKT Tribal religions  HRKZ Zoroastrianism  HRL Aspects of religion (non-Christian)
 HRLB Theology  HRLC Sacred texts  HRLC1 Criticism & exegesis of sacred texts  HRLD Prayers & liturgical material
 HRLF Worship, rites & ceremonies  HRLF9 Prayer  HRLK Spirituality & religious experience  HRLK2 Mysticism
 HRLM Religious life & practice  HRLM3 Religious instruction  HRLM5 Religious counselling  HRLM7 Religious aspects of sexuality, gender & relationships
 HRLP Religious institutions & organizations  HRLP1 Religious & spiritual leaders  HRLP5 Religious social & pastoral thought & activity  HRLP7 Religious communities & monasticism
 HRQ Alternative belief systems  HRQA Humanist & secular alternatives to religion  HRQA5 Agnosticism & atheism  HRQC Eclectic & esoteric religions & belief systems
 HRQC1 Gnosticism  HRQC5 Theosophy & Anthroposophy  HRQM Contemporary non-Christian & para-Christian cults & sects  HRQM2 Spiritualism
 HRQX Occult studies  HRQX2 Magic, alchemy & hermetic thought  HRQX5 Witchcraft  HRQX9 Satanism & demonology
Society & social sciences
 JF Society & culture: general  JFC Cultural studies  JFCA Popular culture  JFCD Material culture
 JFCK Fashion & society  JFCV Food & society  JFCX History of ideas  JFD Media studies
 JFDT TV & society  JFDV Advertising & society  JFF Social issues & processes  JFFA Poverty & unemployment
 JFFB Housing & homelessness  JFFC Social impact of disasters  JFFC1 Famine  JFFD Refugees & political asylum
 JFFE Violence in society  JFFE1 Child abuse  JFFE2 Sexual abuse & harassment  JFFE3 Domestic violence
 JFFG Disability: social aspects  JFFH Illness & addiction: social aspects  JFFH1 Drug & substance abuse: social aspects  JFFH2 HIV / AIDS: social aspects
 JFFJ Social discrimination & inequality  JFFK Feminism & feminist theory  JFFL Political correctness  JFFM Social mobility
 JFFN Migration, immigration & emigration  JFFP Social interaction  JFFR Social forecasting, future studies  JFFS Globalization
 JFFT Consumerism  JFFU Public safety issues  JFFX Corruption in society  JFFZ Animals & society
 JFH Popular beliefs & controversial knowledge  JFHC Conspiracy theories  JFHF Folklore, myths & legends  JFHX Hoaxes & deceptions
 JFM Ethical issues & debates  JFMA Ethical issues: abortion & birth control  JFMC Ethical issues: capital punishment  JFMD Ethical issues: censorship
 JFME Ethical issues: euthanasia & right to die  JFMG Ethical issues: scientific & technological developments  JFMP Ethical issues: pornography & obscenity  JFMX Ethical issues: prostitution & sex industry
 JFS Social groups  JFSC Social classes  JFSF Rural communities  JFSG Urban communities
 JFSJ Gender studies, gender groups  JFSJ1 Gender studies: women  JFSJ2 Gender studies: men  JFSJ5 Gender studies: transsexuals & hermaphroditism
 JFSK Gay & Lesbian studies  JFSK1 Lesbian studies  JFSK2 Gay studies (Gay men)  JFSL Ethnic studies
 JFSL1 Ethnic minorities & multicultural studies  JFSL3 Black & Asian studies  JFSL4 Hispanic & Latino studies  JFSL9 Indigenous peoples
 JFSP Age groups  JFSP1 Age groups: children  JFSP2 Age groups: adolescents  JFSP3 Age groups: adults
 JFSP31 Age groups: the elderly  JFSR Religious groups: social & cultural aspects  JFSR1 Jewish studies  JFSR2 Islamic studies
 JFSS Alternative lifestyles  JFSV Social groups: clubs & societies  JFSV1 Freemasonry & secret societies  JH Sociology & anthropology
 JHB Sociology  JHBA Social theory  JHBC Social research & statistics  JHBD Population & demography
 JHBF Sociology: birth  JHBK Sociology: family & relationships  JHBK5 Sociology: sexual relations  JHBL Sociology: work & labour
 JHBS Sociology: sport & leisure  JHBT Sociology: customs & traditions  JHBZ Sociology: death & dying  JHM Anthropology
 JHMC Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography  JHMP Physical anthropology  JK Social services & welfare, criminology  JKS Social welfare & social services
 JKSB Welfare & benefit systems  JKSB1 Child welfare  JKSF Adoption & fostering  JKSG Care of the elderly
 JKSM Care of the mentally ill  JKSN Social work  JKSN1 Charities, voluntary services & philanthropy  JKSN2 Counselling & advice services
 JKSR Aid & relief programmes  JKSW Emergency services  JKSW1 Police & security services  JKSW2 Fire services
 JKSW3 Ambulance & rescue services  JKV Crime & criminology  JKVC Causes & prevention of crime  JKVF Criminal investigation & detection
 JKVF1 Forensic science  JKVG Drugs trade / drug trafficking  JKVJ Street crime / gun crime  JKVK Corporate crime
 JKVM Organized crime  JKVP Penology & punishment  JKVP1 Prisons  JKVQ Offenders
 JKVQ1 Rehabilitation of offenders  JKVQ2 Juvenile offenders  JKVS Probation services  JM Psychology
 JMA Psychological theory & schools of thought  JMAF Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology)  JMAJ Analytical & Jungian psychology  JMAL Behavioural theory (Behaviourism)
 JMAN Humanistic psychology  JMAQ Cognitivism, cognitive theory  JMB Psychological methodology  JMBT Psychological testing & measurement
 JMC Child & developmental psychology  JMD Psychology of ageing  JMF Family psychology  JMG Psychology of gender
 JMH Social, group or collective psychology  JMJ Occupational & industrial psychology  JMK Criminal or forensic psychology  JML Experimental psychology
 JMM Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology  JMP Abnormal psychology  JMQ Psychology: emotions  JMR Cognition & cognitive psychology
 JMRL Learning  JMRM Memory  JMRN Intelligence & reasoning  JMRP Perception
 JMS The self, ego, identity, personality  JMT States of consciousness  JMTC Conscious & unconscious  JMTD Sleep & dreams
 JMTH Hypnosis  JMTK Drug-induced states  JMU Sexual behaviour  JMX Parapsychological studies
 JN Education  JNA Philosophy & theory of education  JNAM Moral & social purpose of education  JNB History of education
 JNC Educational psychology  JNF Educational strategies & policy  JNFD Literacy strategies  JNFG Numeracy strategies
 JNFN Inclusive education / mainstreaming  JNFR Multicultural education  JNH Education: care & counselling of students  JNHB Bullying & anti-bullying strategies
 JNHT Truancy & anti-truancy strategies  JNHX Exclusions / dropping out of school  JNK Organization & management of education  JNKA Admissions procedures
 JNKC Curriculum planning & development  JNKD Examinations & assessment  JNKF Schools inspection (& preparing for inspection)  JNKG Funding of education & student finance
 JNKH Teaching staff  JNKH1 Teacher assessment  JNKN Non-teaching & support staff  JNKP School/community relations & school/home relations
 JNKR School governors & school boards  JNKS Students & student organisations  JNL Schools  JNLA Pre-school & kindergarten
 JNLB Primary & middle schools  JNLC Secondary schools  JNLP Independent schools, private education  JNLR Faith (religious) schools
 JNM Higher & further education, tertiary education  JNMF Colleges of further education  JNMH Colleges of higher education  JNMN Universities
 JNMT Teacher training  JNP Adult education, continuous learning  JNQ Open learning, home learning, distance education  JNR Careers guidance
 JNRV Industrial or vocational training  JNS Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs  JNSC Teaching of physically disabled students  JNSC1 Teaching of hearing-impaired students
 JNSC2 Teaching of visually impaired students  JNSG Teaching of students with specific learning difficulties / needs  JNSG1 Teaching of dyslexic students  JNSG2 Teaching of autistic students
 JNSL Teaching of students with emotional & behavioural difficulties  JNSP Teaching of gifted students  JNSV Teaching of students with English as a second language (TESOL)  JNT Teaching skills & techniques
 JNU Teaching of a specific subject  JNUM Teachers` classroom resources & material  JNV Educational equipment & technology, computer-aided learning (CAL)  JNW Extra-curricular activities
 JNWT Educational visits & field trips  JNZ Study & learning skills: general  JP Politics & government  JPA Political science & theory
 JPB Comparative politics  JPF Political ideologies  JPFB Anarchism  JPFC Marxism & Communism
 JPFF Socialism & left-of-centre democratic ideologies  JPFK Liberalism & centre democratic ideologies  JPFM Conservatism & right-of-centre democratic ideologies  JPFN Nationalism
 JPFQ Fascism & Nazism  JPFR Religious & theocratic ideologies  JPH Political structure & processes  JPHC Constitution: government & the state
 JPHF Elections & referenda  JPHL Political leaders & leadership  JPHV Political structures: democracy  JPHX Political structures: totalitarianism & dictatorship
 JPL Political parties  JPLM Political manifestos  JPP Public administration  JPQ Central government
 JPQB Central government policies  JPR Regional government  JPRB Regional government policies  JPS International relations
 JPSD Diplomacy  JPSF Arms negotiation & control  JPSH Espionage & secret services  JPSL Geopolitics
 JPSN International institutions  JPSN1 United Nations & UN agencies  JPSN2 EU & European institutions  JPV Political control & freedoms
 JPVH Human rights  JPVH1 Civil rights & citizenship  JPVH2 Freedom of information & freedom of speech  JPVH3 Land rights
 JPVH4 Religious freedom / freedom of worship  JPVK Public opinion & polls  JPVL Political campaigning & advertising  JPVN Propaganda
 JPVR Political oppression & persecution  JPW Political activism  JPWD Pressure groups & lobbying  JPWF Demonstrations & protest movements
 JPWH Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  JPWJ Political subversion  JPWL Terrorism, armed struggle  JPWL1 Political assassinations
 JPWL2 Terrorist attack  JPWQ Revolutionary groups & movements  JPWS Armed conflict  JPZ Political corruption
 JW Warfare & defence  JWA Theory of warfare & military science  JWD Land forces & warfare  JWDG Irregular or guerrilla forces & warfare
 JWF Naval forces & warfare  JWG Air forces & warfare  JWH Special & elite forces  JWJ Military administration
 JWK Defence strategy, planning & research  JWKF Military intelligence  JWKT Military tactics  JWKW Civil defence
 JWL War & defence operations  JWLF Battles & campaigns  JWLP Peacekeeping operations  JWM Weapons & equipment
 JWMC Chemical & biological weapons  JWMN Nuclear weapons  JWMV Military vehicles  JWMV1 Tanks & military land vehicles
 JWMV2 Military & naval ships  JWMV3 Military aircraft  JWT Military life & institutions  JWTR Regiments
 JWTU Uniforms & insignia  JWTY Memorials & rolls of honour  JWX Other warfare & defence issues  JWXF Arms trade
 JWXK War crimes  JWXN Mercenaries  JWXR Prisoners of war  JWXT Mutiny
 JWXV Military veterans  JWXZ Combat / defence skills & manuals
Economics, finance, business & management
 KC Economics  KCA Economic theory & philosophy  KCB Macroeconomics  KCBM Monetary economics
 KCC Microeconomics  KCCD Domestic trade  KCD Economics of industrial organisation  KCF Labour economics
 KCFM Employment & unemployment  KCG Economic growth  KCH Econometrics  KCHS Economic statistics
 KCJ Economic forecasting  KCK Behavioural economics  KCL International economics  KCLF International finance
 KCLT International trade  KCLT1 Trade agreements  KCM Development economics & emerging economies  KCN Environmental economics
 KCP Political economy  KCQ Health economics  KCR Welfare economics  KCS Economic systems & structures
 KCT Agricultural economics  KCU Urban economics  KCX Economic & financial crises & disasters  KCY Popular economics
 KCZ Economic history  KF Finance & accounting  KFC Accounting  KFCC Cost accounting
 KFCF Financial accounting  KFCM Management accounting & bookkeeping  KFCP Public finance accounting  KFCR Financial reporting, financial statements
 KFCX Accounting: study & revision guides  KFF Finance  KFFD Public finance  KFFD1 Taxation
 KFFH Corporate finance  KFFK Banking  KFFL Credit & credit institutions  KFFM Investment & securities
 KFFM1 Commodities  KFFM2 Stocks & shares  KFFN Insurance & actuarial studies  KFFP Pensions
 KFFR Property & real estate  KFFX Banking & finance: study & revision guides  KJ Business & management  KJB Business studies: general
 KJBX Business & management: study & revision guides  KJC Business strategy  KJD Business innovation  KJE E-commerce: business aspects
 KJF Business competition  KJG Business ethics & social responsibility  KJH Entrepreneurship  KJJ Business & the environment, `Green` approaches to business
 KJK International business  KJL Consultancy & grants for businesses  KJM Management & management techniques  KJMB Management: leadership & motivation
 KJMD Management decision making  KJMP Project management  KJMQ Quality Assurance (QA) & Total Quality Management (TQM)  KJMT Time management
 KJMV Management of specific areas  KJMV1 Budgeting & financial management  KJMV2 Personnel & human resources management  KJMV3 Knowledge management
 KJMV4 Management of real estate, property & plant  KJMV5 Production & quality control management  KJMV6 Research & development management  KJMV7 Sales & marketing management
 KJMV8 Purchasing & supply management  KJMV9 Distribution & warehousing management  KJN Business negotiation  KJP Business communication & presentation
 KJQ Business mathematics & systems  KJR Corporate governance  KJRD Boards & directors: role & responsibilities  KJRS Company secretary: role & responsibilities
 KJS Sales & marketing  KJSA Advertising  KJSM Market research  KJSP Public relations
 KJSU Customer services  KJT Operational research  KJU Organizational theory & behaviour  KJV Ownership & organization of enterprises
 KJVB Takeovers, mergers & buy-outs  KJVD Privatization  KJVF Franchises  KJVG Multinationals
 KJVN Public ownership / nationalization  KJVP Monopolies  KJVS Small businesses & self-employed  KJVT Outsourcing
 KJVV Joint ventures  KJVW Employee-ownership & co-operatives  KJVX Non-profitmaking organizations  KJW Office & workplace
 KJWB Office management  KJWF Office systems & equipment  KJWS Secretarial, clerical & office skills  KJWX Working patterns & practices
 KJZ History of specific companies / corporate history  KN Industry & industrial studies  KNA Primary industries  KNAC Agriculture & related industries
 KNAF Fisheries & related industries  KNAL Forestry & related industries  KNAT Mining industry  KNB Energy industries & utilities
 KNBC Coal & solid fuel industries  KNBG Gas industries  KNBL Electrical power industries  KNBN Nuclear power industries
 KNBP Petroleum & oil industries  KNBT Alternative & renewable energy industries  KNBW Water industries  KND Manufacturing industries
 KNDC Chemical industries  KNDD Textile industries  KNDF Food manufacturing & related industries  KNDF1 Tobacco industry
 KNDH Hi-tech manufacturing industries  KNDH1 Biotechnology industries  KNDM Armaments industries  KNDP Pharmaceutical industries
 KNDR Road vehicle manufacturing industry  KNDS Shipbuilding industry  KNDV Aviation manufacturing industry  KNG Transport industries
 KNGR Road transport industries  KNGS Shipping industries  KNGT Railway transport industries  KNGV Aerospace & air transport industries
 KNGV1 Airports  KNJ Construction & heavy industry  KNJC Construction industry  KNJH Iron, steel & metals industries
 KNP Distributive industries  KNPR Retail sector  KNPW Wholesale sector  KNS Service industries
 KNSG Tourism industry  KNSH Hospitality industry  KNSJ Events management industries  KNSP Sport & leisure industries
 KNSS Security services  KNSS1 Surveillance services  KNST Financial services industry  KNSX Fashion & beauty industries
 KNSZ Funeral services  KNT Media, information & communication industries  KNTC Cinema industry  KNTD Radio & television industry
 KNTF Music industry  KNTJ Press & journalism  KNTP Publishing industry & book trade  KNTR Printing, packaging & reprographic industry
 KNTT Postal & telecommunications industries  KNTX Information technology industries  KNTX1 Internet & WWW industries  KNTY Advertising industry
 KNV Civil service & public sector  KNX Industrial relations, health & safety  KNXB Industrial relations  KNXB1 Strikes
 KNXB2 Trade unions  KNXB3 Industrial arbitration & negotiation  KNXC Health & safety issues
 LA Jurisprudence & general issues  LAB Jurisprudence & philosophy of law  LAF Systems of law  LAFC Common law
 LAFD Civil codes / Civil law  LAFR Roman law  LAFS Islamic law  LAFX Ecclesiastical (canon) law
 LAM Comparative law  LAQ Law & society  LAQG Gender & the law  LAR Criminology: legal aspects
 LAS Legal skills & practice  LASD Advocacy  LASP Paralegals & paralegalism  LAT Legal profession: general
 LATC Legal ethics & professional conduct  LAY Law as it applies to other professions  LAZ Legal history  LB International law
 LBB Public international law  LBBC Treaties & other sources of international law  LBBC1 Customary law  LBBD Diplomatic law
 LBBF Jurisdiction & immunities  LBBJ International law of territory & statehood  LBBK Law of the sea  LBBM International economic & trade law
 LBBM1 Tariffs  LBBM3 Investment treaties & disputes  LBBP International environmental law  LBBR International human rights law
 LBBS International humanitarian law  LBBU International organisations & institutions  LBBV Responsibility of states & other entities  LBBZ International criminal law
 LBD International law of transport, communications & commerce  LBDA International space & aerospace law  LBDK Transnational commercial law  LBDM International maritime law
 LBDT International communications & telecommunications law  LBG Private international law & conflict of laws  LBH Settlement of international disputes  LBHG International courts & procedures
 LBHT International arbitration  LBL International law reports  LN Laws of Specific jurisdictions  LNA Legal system: general
 LNAA Courts & procedure  LNAA1 Judicial powers  LNAA2 Legal system: law of contempt  LNAC Civil procedure, litigation & dispute resolution
 LNAC1 Civil remedies  LNAC12 Restitution  LNAC14 Damages & compensation  LNAC16 Injunctions & other orders
 LNAC3 Civil procedure: law of evidence  LNAC5 Arbitration, mediation & alternative dispute resolution  LNAF Legal system: costs & funding  LNAL Regulation of legal profession
 LNB Private / Civil law: general works  LNC Company, commercial & competition law  LNCB Commercial law  LNCB1 Franchising law
 LNCB2 E-commerce law  LNCB3 Sale of goods law  LNCB4 Outsourcing law  LNCB5 Shipping law
 LNCB6 Aviation law  LNCD Company law  LNCD1 Mergers & acquisitions law  LNCF Partnership law
 LNCH Competition law / Antitrust law  LNCJ Contract law  LNCL Agency law  LNCN Procurement law
 LNCQ Construction & engineering law  LNCR Energy & natural resources law  LND Constitutional & administrative law  LNDA Citizenship & nationality law
 LNDA1 Immigration law  LNDA3 Asylum law  LNDC Human rights & civil liberties law  LNDC2 Privacy law
 LNDC4 Freedom of expression law  LNDF Freedom of information law  LNDH Government powers  LNDK Military & defence law
 LNDM Judicial review  LNDP Parliamentary & legislative practice  LNDS Election law  LNDU Local government law
 LNF Criminal law & procedure  LNFB Criminal justice law  LNFG Offences against the government  LNFJ Offences against the person
 LNFJ1 Harassment law  LNFL Offences against property  LNFN Fraud  LNFQ Juvenile criminal law
 LNFR Offences against public health, safety, order  LNFT Road traffic law, motoring offences  LNFV Terrorism law  LNFX Criminal procedure
 LNFX1 Sentencing & punishment  LNFX3 Criminal procedure: law of evidence  LNFX5 Police law & police procedures  LNH Employment & labour law
 LNHD Discrimination in employment law  LNHH Occupational health & safety law  LNHR Industrial relations & trade unions law  LNHU Employment contracts
 LNJ Entertainment & media law  LNJD Defamation law (slander & libel)  LNJS Sport & the law  LNJX Advertising, marketing & sponsorship law
 LNK Environment, transport & planning law  LNKF Agricultural law  LNKG Animal law  LNKJ Environment law
 LNKN Nature Conservation law  LNKT Transport law  LNKV Highways  LNKW Planning law
 LNL Equity & trusts  LNM Family law  LNMB Family law: marriage & divorce  LNMC Family law: cohabitation
 LNMF Family law: same-sex partnership  LNMK Family law: children  LNP Financial law  LNPA Accounting law
 LNPB Banking law  LNPC Bankruptcy & insolvency  LNPD Capital markets & securities law & regulation  LNPF Financial services law & regulation
 LNPN Insurance law  LNPP Pensions law  LNQ IT & Communications law  LNQD Data protection law
 LNR Intellectual property law  LNRC Copyright law  LNRD Patents law  LNRF Trademarks law
 LNRL Designs law  LNRV Confidential information law  LNS Property law  LNSH Land & real estate law
 LNSH1 Ownership & mortgage law  LNSH3 Landlord & tenant law  LNSH5 Conveyancing law  LNSH7 Rating & valuation law
 LNSH9 Housing law  LNSP Personal property law  LNT Social law  LNTC Charity law
 LNTD Education & the law  LNTH Social security & welfare law  LNTH1 Social insurance law  LNTJ Public health & safety law
 LNTM Medical & healthcare law  LNTM1 Mental health law  LNTM2 Regulation of medicines & medical devices  LNTQ Disability & the law
 LNTS Law & the elderly  LNTU Consumer protection law  LNTX Licensing, gaming & club law  LNU Taxation & duties law
 LNUC Corporate tax  LNUP Personal tax  LNUS Sales tax & Customs duties  LNUT Trusts & estates taxation
 LNV Torts / Delicts  LNVC Negligence  LNVF Nuisance  LNVJ Personal injury
 LNW Wills & probate / Succession  LNZ Primary sources of law  LNZC Case law  LNZL Legislation
 LR Law: study & revision guides
 MB Medicine: general issues  MBD Medical profession  MBDC Medical ethics & professional conduct  MBDP Doctor/patient relationship
 MBF Medical bioinformatics  MBG Medical equipment & techniques  MBGL Medical laboratory testing & techniques  MBGR Medical research
 MBGR1 Clinical trials  MBGT Telemedicine  MBN Public health & preventive medicine  MBNC Medical screening
 MBNH Personal & public health  MBNH1 Hygiene  MBNH2 Environmental factors  MBNH3 Dietetics & nutrition
 MBNH4 Birth control, contraception, family planning  MBNH9 Health psychology  MBNS Epidemiology & medical statistics  MBP Health systems & services
 MBPC General practice  MBPK Mental health services  MBPM Medical administration & management  MBPR Medical insurance
 MBQ Medicolegal issues  MBS Medical sociology  MBX History of medicine  MF Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences
 MFC Anatomy  MFCC Cytology  MFCH Histology  MFCR Regional anatomy
 MFCX Dissection  MFG Physiology  MFGC Cellular physiology  MFGG Regional physiology
 MFGM Metabolism  MFGV Biomechanics, human kinetics  MFK Human reproduction, growth & development  MFKC Reproductive medicine
 MFKC1 Infertility & fertilization  MFKC3 Embryology  MFKH Human growth & development  MFKH3 Maturation & ageing
 MFN Medical genetics  MJ Clinical & internal medicine  MJA Medical diagnosis  MJAD Examination of patients
 MJC Diseases & disorders  MJCG Congenital diseases & disorders  MJCG1 Hereditary diseases & disorders  MJCJ Infectious & contagious diseases
 MJCJ1 Venereal diseases  MJCJ2 HIV / AIDS  MJCJ3 Hospital infections  MJCL Oncology
 MJCL1 Radiotherapy  MJCL2 Chemotherapy  MJCM Immunology  MJCM1 Allergies
 MJD Cardiovascular medicine  MJE Musculoskeletal medicine  MJF Haematology  MJG Endocrinology
 MJGD Diabetes  MJH Gastroenterology  MJJ Hepatology  MJK Dermatology
 MJL Respiratory medicine  MJM Rheumatology  MJN Neurology & clinical neurophysiology  MJNA Autism & Asperger`s Syndrome
 MJND Alzheimer`s & dementia  MJP Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)  MJPD Audiology & otology  MJQ Ophthalmology
 MJR Renal medicine & nephrology  MJRD Haemodialysis  MJS Urology & urogenital medicine  MJT Gynaecology & obstetrics
 MJTF Materno-fetal medicine  MJW Paediatric medicine  MJWN Neonatal medicine  MJX Geriatric medicine
 MJZ Gene therapy  MM Other branches of medicine  MMB Anaesthetics  MMBP Pain & pain management
 MMC Palliative medicine  MMD Dentistry  MMDS Oral & maxillofacial surgery  MMF Pathology
 MMFC Cytopathology  MMFH Histopathology  MMFM Medical microbiology & virology  MMFP Medical parasitology
 MMG Pharmacology  MMGT Medical toxicology  MMGW Psychopharmacology  MMH Psychiatry
 MMJ Clinical psychology  MMJT Psychotherapy  MMJT1 Cognitive behavioural therapy  MMK Accident & emergency medicine
 MMKB Trauma & shock  MMKD Burns  MMKL Intensive care medicine  MMN Nuclear medicine
 MMP Medical imaging  MMPF Ultrasonics  MMPG Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR / MRI)  MMPH Radiology
 MMPJ Tomography  MMQ Forensic medicine  MMR Environmental medicine  MMRB Aviation & space medicine
 MMRD Diving & hyperbaric medicine  MMRP Occupational medicine  MMRT Tropical medicine  MMS Sports injuries & medicine
 MMZ Therapy & therapeutics  MMZD Eating disorders & therapy  MMZF Obesity: treatment & therapy  MMZL Speech & language disorders & therapy
 MMZR Addiction & therapy  MMZS Sleep disorders & therapy  MN Surgery  MNB Surgical techniques
 MNC General surgery  MNG Gastrointestinal & colorectal surgery  MNH Cardiothoracic surgery  MNJ Vascular surgery
 MNK Surgical oncology  MNL Critical care surgery  MNN Neurosurgery  MNP Plastic & reconstructive surgery
 MNPC Cosmetic surgery  MNQ Transplant surgery  MNS Orthopaedics & fractures  MNZ Peri-operative care
 MQ Nursing & ancillary services  MQC Nursing  MQCA Nursing fundamentals & skills  MQCB Nursing research & theory
 MQCH Nurse/patient relationship  MQCL Nursing specialties  MQCL1 Accident & emergency nursing  MQCL2 Intensive care nursing
 MQCL3 Paediatric nursing  MQCL4 Geriatric nursing  MQCL5 Psychiatric nursing  MQCL6 Surgical nursing
 MQCL9 Terminal care nursing  MQCM Nursing pharmacology  MQCW Nursing sociology  MQCX Community nursing
 MQCZ Nursing management & leadership  MQD Midwifery  MQDB Birthing methods  MQF First aid & paramedical services
 MQH Radiography  MQK Chiropody & podiatry  MQP Pharmacy / dispensing  MQR Optometry / opticians
 MQS Physiotherapy  MQT Occupational therapy  MQTC Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama)  MQU Medical counselling
 MQV Rehabilitation  MQVB Rehabilitation: brain & spinal injuries  MQW Biomedical engineering  MQWB Orthotics
 MQWP Prosthetics  MQZ Mortuary practice  MR Medical study & revision guides & reference material  MRG Medical study & revision guides
 MRGD Medical revision aids: MRCP  MRGK Medical revision aids: MRCS  MRGL Medical revision aids: PLAB  MRT Medical charts, colour atlases
 MX Complementary medicine  MXH Chiropractic & osteopathy