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Bloomsbury Arcadian Library Online available now


Arcadian Library Online

"An astonishingly rich collection of books on travels, history, science and literature concerning the Middle East”  Bulletin of the School of African and Oriental Studies

I am so glad to introduce the new unique online resource, offered by Bloomsbury.

Arcadian Library Online is available for purchase by institutions on a perpetual access basis.

Library modules include:

Module 1: History and Science and Medicine (January 2017)

Module 2: Travel and Exploration(coming soon)

Module 3: Turcica: History of Turkey and Ottoman Empire (coming soon)

Subject Coverage


  • World History (Middle East, Ottoman Empire Europe)

  • History of Science (Astronomy, Astrology, Mathematics, Physics)

  • History of Philosophy

  • History of Medicine

Area Studies

  • Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies

  • Turkish Studies

Literary Studies

  • Comparative Literature

  • History of the Book

  • Literature of Travel and Exploration

Ancient History, Classical Studies and Archaeology

  • Reception Studies

  • Ancient Middle Eastern Studies

  • Ancient Philosophy

Fist Module: History of Science and Medicine collection

The Arcadian Library’s History of Science and Medicine collection includes manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books and monographs from the 10 th to 20 th centuries. The collection showcases the contribution of early Arab and Persian scientists, doctors and thinkers; their translation, reception and influence in Europe and their lasting influence on the development of Western scientific and medical knowledge.

 It includes:

ArabicDutchEnglishFrenchGermanGreekHebrewItalianLatinPersian Spanish

Benefits for researchers

  • View high-resolution, full colour images (400ppi) including bindings, clasps and page edges
  • View images in full screen, zoom, rotate, single or double page view
  • Access full catalogue records including available provenance and condition notes
  • Special features including decoration, marginalia, signature marks and illustrations indexed at a page level to enable quick jumps to pages of interest
  • Search or browse fully indexed metadata with dedicated taxonomy enabling filtered search by topic, place, period, people, language or content type
  • Navigate directly via linked TOCs to page images at part, title and section heading levels, where available
  • View metadata and images in either English or Arabic interface, with transliterated titles
  • Search metadata in English or Arabic, with integrated Arabic keyboard
  • Read accompanying commentary articles linked to primary texts
  • Easily cite, share, favorite and bookmark content
  • Print and download images
  • Available in dual language interface: English and Arabic

Additional Materials

Download short presentation to find out more about the Arcadian Library Online and the benefits for your institution.

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