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Brill acquires Deo Publishing


Brill acquires Deo Publishing

Leiden / Boston / Paderborn / Singapore / Beijing –4 September 2018

Brill, the international scholarly publisher, has acquired the full publication program of Deo Publishing (Blandford Forum, UK) with immediate effect.

Deo Publishing is a young, fully independent English-language publishing house specializing in academic biblical studies and theology. Its publishing program is conceived and operated as a genuine service to the academic and religious communities and is a direct response to the needs of scholars, their students, and interested general readers.

Last month Brill and Deo Publishing reached an agreement to transfer all assets of Deo Publishing to Brill. With this Brill acquires several important book series in Religious Studies, with some 50 available titles and a healthy pipeline.

“Deo Publishing has developed strong book series which are a natural counterpart to some of our leading journals in Biblical and Pentecostal studies, such as the Journal of Pentecostal Theology and Biblical Interpretations,” says Jasmin Lange, Brill’s Chief Publishing Officer. “We are delighted to become the successors of this prominent book list. The entire Deo catalogue will become available as an e-book collection on our platform, joining our suite of scholarly collections in this field of research.”

David Orton, owner and managing director of Deo Publishing, adds: “We were looking for a suitable candidate to continue the program and serve our authors and readers, and we are extremely grateful to have reached an agreement with Brill. Brill is not only an important global player in the Humanities, but they are also well positioned to expand our book program and turn it into a digital collection.”

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