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Brill and Jus Mundi The Search Engine for International Law Announce Partnership


International publisher Brill is pleased to announce its partnership with Jus Mundi for the distribution of Jus Mundi – Academic Research to the global academic market. 

Jus Mundi is a comprehensive, multilingual, user-friendly and intelligent search engine for international law. It covers over 16,000 international law and investor-state arbitration documents, including treaties, ICJ, PCIJ, PCA, ITLOS, ICSID and other arbitration institutions, UNCITRAL, IUSCT documents (judgments, arbitral awards, orders, pleadings, etc.), and decisions of the Mixed Claims Commissions.

Marie Sheldon, Publishing Director, Law at Brill says: “We are very pleased that Jus Mundi has entrusted the distribution of this innovative service to the global academic market to Brill and look forward to working closely with the team at Jus Mundi.  Jus Mundi offers the most comprehensive collection of public international law and investment arbitration documents available.”

In the course of his work as an attorney representing States before international courts and tribunals, Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO and co-Founder of Jus Mundi, recognized the need for a search engine that would help make international legal researches more efficient.  Of the cooperation with Brill, De Maistre comments: “Partnering with Brill for the distribution of Jus Mundi to the global academic community will help ensure worldwide access to international law, which is the core mission of Jus Mundi.”

About Jus Mundi
Launched in 2017, Jus Mundi is a one-stop destination for international legal research. Jus Mundi strives to make international law easily accessible and understandable, using artificial and collaborative intelligence to collect and structure global legal data.  By combining law and technology, Jus Mundi empowers lawyers worldwide to conduct comprehensive international legal research efficiently.  For further information, please visit

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