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De Gruyter signs agreement with Yale University Press


A further prestigious university press now partners with De Gruyter

Yale University Press (YUP) and De Gruyter have formed a partnership for the worldwide sales of YUP’s electronic publications. This includes a significant frontlist of titles and a selection of backlist and archive publications. The partnership will expand YUP’s international reach and also strengthens De Gruyter’s portfolio with a range of outstanding academic publications.

Yale University Press publishes serious works that seek to contribute to a global understanding of human affairs, further scholarly investigation, advance interdisciplinary inquiry, stimulate public debate and enhance cultural life. In its commitment to increasing the range and vigor of intellectual pursuits within the university and elsewhere, Yale University Press continually extends its horizons to embody university publishing at its best

De Gruyter:  De Gruyter publishes first-class scholarship and has done so for more than 260 years. An international publisher headquartered in Berlin -- and with further offices in Boston, Beijing, Basel and Munich -- it publishes over 1,300 new book titles each year and more than 750 journals in the humanities, social sciences, medicine, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, and law; and also offers a wide range of digital media. The group includes the imprints De Gruyter Akademie Forschung, Birkhäuser, De Gruyter Mouton, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, De Gruyter Open, De Gruyter Saur and De|G Press. For more information, visit:

Yale University Press:  Founded in 1908, Yale University Press is one of the oldest and largest American university presses. By publishing serious works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs, Yale University Press aids in the discovery and dissemination of light and truth, lux et veritas, a central purpose of Yale University. The books and other materials published by Yale University Press further scholarly investigation, stimulate public debate, educate both within and outside the classroom, and enhance cultural life. For more information visit:

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