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Designer Drugs 2020 Wiley top Database available


Technique: GC-MS

Purchase Options:  DVD


The Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs 2020 is the largest collection of chemical signatures of NPS and drugs of abuse in the world. The 2020 edition features the addition of over 1,300 new mass spectra and over 700 new, unique compounds in over 30 different classification groups such as fentanyl, synthetic cannabinoids, and opiates.

With an average quality index per spectrum of 951.0 and 18,793 Kovats retention indices, this spectral library provides comprehensive data on the most up-to-date list of novel psychoactive substances. Updated annually, the 2020 edition covers the range of known novel psychoactive substances through December 31, 2019.

Library Specifications

  • Mass Spectra: 29,371
  • Chemical Structures: 29,371
  • Unique Compounds: 22,371
  • Opiates: 354
  • Fentanyls/Fentalogues: 1,440
  • Cannabimimetics: 1,033
  • Cannabinoids: 111
  • Measured Kovats Indices: 18,793
  • Average Quality Index/Spectrum (QI): 951.0


The 2019 edition is compatible with leading manufacturer formats such as:

  • Agilent ChemStation, MassHunter
  • Bruker MS Workstation
  • Chromatec Analytic
  • JEOL msFineAnalysis
  •  LECO ChromaTOF
  •  NIST MS Search
  • PerkinElmer TurboMass
  • Scion MS Workstation
  • Shimadzu GCMSsolution
  • Thermo Chromeleon, TraceFinder, Xcalibur
  • Waters MassLynx

Other versions available:

  • ACD/Labs ACD/Spectrus Processor
  • Bio-Rad KnowItAll®
  • Wiley Spectra Lab

Compound Coverage

Compound coverage can be searched at

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