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A History of Eastern Europe 1918 to the Present: Modernisation, Ideology and NationalityIan D. Armour
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781472508614
432 pages, April 2021
29.99 GBP

Why is Eastern Europe still different from Western Europe, more than a quarter-century after the collapse of Communism?

This book explores the comparative backwardness of Eastern Europe, showing how this has driven strategies of modernisation. It also looks at the ways in which the region has served as a giant test-tube for political experimentation and made it a fertile breeding-ground for nationalism and political extremism.

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Stalinism at War

The Soviet Union in World War II

Mark Edele

Telling the epic story of the Soviet Union in WWII, this book explores the experiences of both ordinary and extraordinary citizens – Russians and Koreans, Ukrainians and Jews, Lithuanians and Georgians, men and women, loyal Stalinists and critics of his regime – to reveal how the Soviet Union and leadership of a ruthless dictator propelled the Allied victory.

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