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Red Globe Press the new name for the Palgrave


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"Red Globe Press is the right choice. “Red” refers to the fact that we are a proud member of the Macmillan Education Division, which uses red as their color. “Globe” refers to our textbooks that travel the world, and “Press” is a little hint towards the academic character of our publishing programme; many established universities have their own “Press” - that is what Milan Wielinga, Managing Director at Macmillan International Higher Education highlights on his blog: Farewell Palgrave. Hello Red Globe Press  

We are also very pleased to introduce you to Red Globe Press, the new name for the Palgrave imprint at Macmillan International Higher Education.

Under the Red Globe Press imprint, dedicated team of editors will continue to bring you quality textbook publishing, primarily in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and Study Skills. Red Globe Press will stand alongside the other higher education imprints that we distribute under the Macmillan International Higher Education umbrella.

Why the change of name?

"We’ve been proud to publish under the Palgrave name over the last 17 years but the time has come to say a fond farewell. As a publisher focused on higher education textbooks and digital resources, we needed to set ourselves apart from Palgrave Macmillan, publisher of research and trade books, journals and reference works. We felt it was the right time for us to clarify who we are and what we do with a new name."

Why Red Globe Press?

"We wanted a name that reflected our Macmillan heritage and international outlook. The red represents Macmillan and the Globe reflects our position as a leading global publisher, producing textbooks that contribute to the scholarly pursuit of learning around the world. Our new logo is actually inspired by a Macmillan logo used in the nineteenth century to reflect the international nature of its growing publishing business."

Official letter  from Katie Thorn  Sales and Marketing Director at Macmillan International Higher Education

***Look out for new name Red Globe Press and logo on future publishing and online.

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