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Syria Fragile Nation Shattered Land



Syria: A Modern History
David W. Lesch
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781509527526
160 pages, February 2019
12.99 GBP

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9781788310970 9781784538477 9781784538637
Syria and Lebanon Under the French Mandate: Cultural Imperialism and the Workings of Empire
Idir Ouahes
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781788310970
336 pages, July 2018
75.00 GBP
Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria's Great Merchant City
Philip Mansel
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781784538477
288 pages, August 2018
9.99 GBP
The Makers of Modern Syria: The Rise and Fall of Syrian Democracy 1918-1958
Sami Moubayed
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781784538637
320 pages, August 2018
72.00 GBP
9789004387003 9781784539610 9781771861083
The Book in Mamluk Egypt and Syria (1250-1517): Scribes, Libraries and Market
Doris Behrens-Abouseif
Brill (JL)
ISBN: 9789004387003
178 pages, October 2018
100.00 EUR
Fragile Nation, Shattered Land: The Modern History of Syria
James A. Reilly
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781784539610
312 pages, October 2018
25.00 GBP
Washington's Long War on Syria
Stephen Gowans
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781771861083
260 pages, July 2017
29.00 EUR
9781509522415 9780812224207 9781838604455
Syria: Hot Spots in Global Politics
Samer N. Abboud
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781509522415
304 pages, July 2018
14.99 GBP
Counter Jihad: America's Military Experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria
Brian Glyn Williams
University of Pennsylvania Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780812224207
400 pages, February 2018
21.99 GBP
The Kurds of Northern Syria: Governance, Diversity and Conflicts
Harriet Allsopp, Wladimir van Wilgenburg
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781838604455
264 pages, July 2019
24.99 GBP
9781838604349 9781784539733 9780815636540
Documenting Syria: Film-making, Video Activism and Revolution
Josepha Ivanka Wessels
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781838604349
336 pages, July 2019
24.99 GBP
Beyond Syria’s Borders: A History of Territorial Disputes in the Middle East
Emma Lundgren Jörum
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781784539733
232 pages, April 2017
20.00 GBP
Turkey, Egypt, and Syria: A Travelogue
Shibli Numani
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9780815636540
384 pages, October 2019
40.00 EUR
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