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Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery Individual Subscription Special Offer


Thieme  MedOne Neurosurgery

is your gateway to Thieme’s outstanding collection of neurosurgical content. You will find a fully searchable database of hundreds of e-books; step-by-step instructions for core procedures; cases with management and follow-up tips; and thousands of images and surgical videos. Perfect for residents and experienced specialists alike.

Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery includes:

  • A fully searchable database of books - 192 e-books, included Handbook of Neurosurgery, 8e by Greenberg
  • Step-by-step instructions for core procedures - 418 Procedures, and 225 Cases online
  • Training Center with Q&A
  • Full-Text E-Journals
  • Refined E-Book View
  • Personalization and Note Taking
  • Responsive Design
  • Images and videos with legends linking to their original sources

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MedOne Neurosurgery presentation click to download

Activate a personal subscription to MedOne Neurosurgery by 12/31/2017, and enjoy unlimited access until December 31, 2018.

Original price: €2,210.00 /  Special offer:  €1,170.00*

*Price excludes VAT, invoice will be issued in EUR by Thieme

For institutional pricing, please contact directly: Kinga Przydryga

14 days trial available

Sign up now and test Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery. You'll have full, free access to all content during a testing period of 14 days

For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:

Kinga Przydryga 
skype: przydrygak * email:  * Mob: +48 502 615 752  *

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