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iOLab makes Physics labs available to students in times of COVID19



The iOLab device is a wireless unit that can be used to conduct Physics experiments both in class or remotely.

The iOLab has reimagined the student’s experience of a Physics lab. Through combining the portability of a smartphone and the capabilities of a full scale lab, the new iOLab hardware/software system introduces new possibilities for learning! Built in sensors measure force, acceleration, velocity, displacement, magnetic field, rotation, light, sound, temperature, pressure, and voltages down to a few μV. Expansion connectors provide access to over a dozen user controllable digital and analog inputs and outputs. Free software controls the device, acquires and displays data in real time, and provides a suite of analysis and data manipulation features.


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The iOLab device’s built-in sensors make possible a full lab’s worth of experimental capabilities

Take a look inside the device below.
Read through the specifications hereSensors include, and aren't limited to; a 3D accelerometer, 3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope, a light intensity sensor and a microphone.

Inside iOLab


iOLab is a revolutionary new hardware and software solution for your physics lab. It combines all the measurement devices, and components needed for hundreds of physics labs in a single device and links them to a software solution for gathering data and recording results.

Ecolab can replace or augment your current lab set up and is perfect for online, hybrid, or traditional classes. 

The device is truly revolutionary as students will be able to conduct hundreds of physics experiments from their dorm room, their class, or anywhere they can find the space to use the device. The device wirelessly communicates data that it gathers for students to be able to complete experiments.

Lab kit for Scientists and Engineers

The iOLab is also available to purchase as an extended kit model. You will receive a whole package including the device along with a kit of components and an access card for downloading experiments.




News: iOLab at University of Latvia as part of the project  “Development of physics practical studies based on modern educational principles” Learn more


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