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May 2017.xls list   Recommended this month   Handbook of Composites from Renewable Materials, Set Vijay Kumar Thakur, Manju Kumari Thakur, Michael R. Kessler John Wiley and Sons (JL) ISBN: 9781119224365 4400 pages, May 2017 1580.00 GBP Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, + Website James R. Hitchner John Wiley and Sons (JL) ISBN: 9781119286608 1296 pages, May 2017 135.00 GBP Beckett's Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use Steve T. Beckett, Mark S. Fowler, Gregory R. Ziegler John Wiley and Sons (JL) ISBN: 9781118780145 800 pages, May 2017 ... read more
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