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Complete September 2017 List  Recommended this month Handbook of Solid State Chemistry, 6 Volume Set Richard Dronskowski, Shinichi Kikkawa, Andreas Stein John Wiley and Sons (JL) ISBN: 9783527325870 3756 pages, September 2017 1090.00 GBP A History of Russian Law: From Ancient Times to the Council Code (Ulozhenie) of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich of 1649 Ferdinand J.M. Feldbrugge Brill (JL) ISBN: 9789004346420 October 2017 399.00 EUR A Companion to Islamic Art and Architecture Finbarr Barry Flood, Gulru Necipoglu John Wiley and Sons (JL) ISBN: 9781119068662 1448 pages, September ... read more
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