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March 2017


March 2017 New Titles.xls list


Major Reference Works

9780470659632 9781118955604 9781118784044
International Encyclopedia of Geography
People, the Earth, Environment and Technology

Noel Castree, Michael F. Goodchild, Audrey Kobayashi, Weidong Liu, Richard A. Marston
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9780470659632
8464 pages, March 2017
1595.00 GBP
The International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication
Craig Scott, Laurie Lewis
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781118955604
2592 pages, March 2017
380.00 GBP
The International Encyclopedia of Media Effects
4 Volume Set

Patrick R?ssler
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781118784044
2336 pages, March 2017
380.00 GBP


9781604067156 9781118934692 9781626236493
Flaps: Practical Reconstructive Surgery
Kayvan Shokrollahi, Iain Whitaker, Foad Nahai
Georg Thieme (JL)
ISBN: 9781604067156
704 pages, March 2017
244.99 EUR
Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine
Robert C. Bast, Jr., Carlo M. Croce, William N. Hait, Waun Ki Hong, Donald W. Kufe, Martine Piccart-Gebhart, Raphael E. Pollock, Ralph R. Weichselbaum, Hongwang Yang, James F. Holland
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781118934692
2008 pages, March 2017
200.00 GBP
Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, classification and techniques
Christine Hamori, Paul E. Banwell, Red M. Alinsod
Georg Thieme (JL)
ISBN: 9781626236493
264 pages, March 2017
179.99 EUR

We also recommend this month

9781784519285 9781350028432 9780812249002
A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016
Alison Harvey, Zoe Harper
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781784519285
352 pages, March 2017
65.00 EUR
T. E. Hulme and the Ideological Politics of Early Modernism
Henry Mead
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781350028432
288 pages, March 2017
28.99 GBP
A Theater of Diplomacy:
International Relations and the Performing Arts in Early Modern France
Ellen R. Welch
University of Pennsylvania Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780812249002
352 pages, March 2017
65.00 GBP
9780253024510 9781785334474 9780253024893
The Jewish Revolution in Belorussia: Economy, Race, and Bolshevik Power
Andrew Sloin
Indiana University Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780253024510
346 pages, March 2017
90.00 USD
The Greek Exodus from Egypt: Diaspora Politics and Emigration, 1937-1962
Angelos Dalachanis
Berghahn Books (JL)
ISBN: 9781785334474
288 pages, March 2017
92.00 GBP
Spain Unmoored: Migration, Conversion, and the Politics of Islam
Mikaela H. Rogozen-Soltar
Indiana University Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780253024893
290 pages, March 2017
30.00 USD
9780295997834 9780774834094 9781119129769
Danish Cookbooks: Domesticity and National Identity, 1616-1901
Carol Gold
University of Washington Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780295997834
240 pages, March 2017
58.00 GBP
Beyond the Amur: Frontier Encounters between China and Russia, 1850-1930
Victor Zatsepine
University of British Columbia Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780774834094
240 pages, March 2017
80.00 USD
Diasporas in Dialogue: Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation in Worldwide Refugee Communities
Barbara Tint
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781119129769
224 pages, March 2017
80.50 GBP
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