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Recommended in February 2020

9781350094208 9781788314114 9781771992732
Žižek on Race: Toward an Anti-Racist Future
Zahi Zalloua
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781350094208
256 pages, February 2020
19.99 GBP
Wonder Woman: The Female Body and Popular Culture
Joan Ormrod
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781788314114
320 pages, February 2020
85.00 GBP
World Bolshevism
Iulii Martov
University of British Columbia Press (JL)
ISBN: 9781771992732
192 pages, February 2020
18.99 GBP
9781119600459 9781350019997
Stop Listening to the Customer: Try Hearing Your Brand Instead
Adam Ferrier, Jen Flemming
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9780730370574
240 pages, February 2020
15.50 GBP
The Motive: Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most Important Responsibilities
Patrick M. Lencioni
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9781119600459
192 pages, February 2020
18.99 GBP
Revolutionary Europe: Politics, Community and Culture in Transnational Context, 1775-1922
Gavin Murray-Miller
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781350019997
368 pages, February 2020
22.99 GBP
9781501354045 9781350152618 9780857088208
LEGOfied: Building Blocks as Media
Nicholas Taylor, Chris Ingraham
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781501354045
208 pages, February 2020
80.00 GBP
Crisis Among the Great Powers: The Concert of Europe and the Eastern Question
Miroslav Šedivý
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781350152618
432 pages, February 2020
28.99 GBP
Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people
Elvin Turner
John Wiley and Sons (JL)
ISBN: 9780857088208
416 pages, February 2020
12.99 GBP


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