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Claeys and Casteels

<p>Claeys & Casteels</p>

Claeys & Casteels
Claeys and Casteels Publishing BV
Gotlandstraat 40
7418 AX Deventer
The Netherlands

General information:
Tel: +31 570 606100

Distribution via Mare Nostrum Holding the owner  of Combined Academic Publishers

*All books are distributed by Marston Book Service
Credit control: Ms Anita Strong
Customer service: Ms Ellen Boxall
Returns should be addressed :
Marston Book Services Ltd
Unit 160,  Milton Park
OX14 4SD
Tel  :  + 44 (0)1235 465500
Fax :  + 44 (0)1235 465555
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Claeysa and Casteels is a publishing house specialising in European Law. Its aim is to publish a portfolio of titles, written by the leading practitioners and policymakers in the area. Our titles provide a complete and definitive working guide to the areas covered. Our objective is to gradually produce a series of books covering all the main areas of EU law.

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Competition Law & Policy Debate (CLPD)
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