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Combined Academic Publishers

<p>Combined Academic Publishers</p>

Combined Academic Publishers

Combined Academic Publishers Ltd.
Registered in England Number 3423961. 
Windsor House, Cornwall Road, Harrogate,
North Yorkshire, HG1 2PW, UK
+44 (0)1423 526350

*All books are distributed by Marston Book Service

Returns should be addressed :
Marston Book Services Ltd
Unit 160,  Milton Park
OX14 4SD
Tel  :  + 44 (0)1235 465500
Fax :  + 44 (0)1235 465555

Return Policy

Payment Details:

Barclays Bank Plc
Po Box 333
54 Cornmarket Street
  • Sort Code : 206518
  • Account Number : 00636835
  • Swift Code : BARC GB22
  • Iban Number (in full) : GB84BARC20651800636835

Combined Academic Publishers is the leading sales, marketing and distribution agency for North American university presses in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For over 15 years, CAP has enabled a small group of prestigious university presses to increase their market reach beyond the United States and Canada.

<p>Stanford University Press</p>

<p>Temple University Press</p>

<p>University of British Columbia</p>

Stanford University Press

Temple University Press

University of British Columbia

<p>University Of Illinois Press</p>

<p>University of Minnesota Press</p>

<p>University of Nebraska</p>

University Of Illinois Press

University of Minnesota Press

University of Nebraska

<p>University of Pennsylvania Press</p>

<p>University Of Texas Press</p>

<p>University Of Washington Press</p>

University of Pennsylvania Press

University Of Texas Press

University of Washington Press

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