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<p>Sybex a Wiley Brand</p>

Sybex a Wiley Brand

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For over 30 years, Sybex has published premium learning products and solutions for current and aspiring professionals working with cutting-edge technologies. Our customers come from every corner of the globe and work in a variety of industries, but they all have one thing in common—the drive to acquire the serious technical skills needed to excel in a competitive marketplace. Wherever you are in your career, Sybex can help you achieve your goals. Choose the topic area that best suits your interests and see what Sybex can do for you.

Written by industry experts, instructors, and practitioners, Sybex's Certification products provide candidates with the tools they need to achieve their IT certification. Focusing on the leading certifications, including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, (ISC)2, Project Management, and more, Sybex's approach is simple: Study, Practice, Review. Candidates can study with the comprehensive Study Guide, get the needed practice with the corresponding hands-on Street Smarts, and get the last minute review with the concise and focused Review Guide.


Sybex Inc. pioneered computer book publishing when Dr. Rodnay Zaks founded the company in 1976 in Berkeley, California and Paris, France. Since the beginning, Sybex's mission has been to bring practical skills to computer users through comprehensive, high-quality education and reference materials. Authors are selected based on their expertise in the subject, their professional qualifications, and their ability to meet exacting standards of written communication. Sybex has established the premium quality standards by which the computer-book publishing industry is judged.

The first Sybex title, Microprocessors, was an immediate bestseller, selling out in weeks without bookstore distribution. Now, Sybex offers over 400 books.

In 2005, Sybex proudly became part of the John Wiley & Sons stable of educational and reference books.

Professional in: Certification, IT Administration, Architecture & Design, 3D Graphics, Internet Marketing

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