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Writefull, part of Digital Science

Writefull improves any academic text

Using language models trained on millions of journal articles, Writefull corrects grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more - aimed specifically at academic writing.

Writefull helps researchers improve their written English and enables a new way of writing with confidence. So much more than simply a grammar and spelling checker, it suggests improvements to academic language usage, such as sentence structures in scientific writing, discipline-specific vocabulary, and appropriate word choice.

Suggestions are based on real-world, context-specific usage rather than on a fixed set of grammatical rules. Using Artificial Intelligence, Writefull has learned billions of sentences taken from scientific literature, making it very different from the standard rules-based grammar applications.




“We created Writefull because we struggled with writing during our studies. Being non-native speakers of English and new to academic writing, we were looking for an easy way to check our texts. Writefull uses new techniques on big data to enable this. We would like Writefull to be the everyday writing tool for researchers throughout the world!”

– Juan Castro and Alberto Villar
Writefull Co-founders

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