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Since 2008, Business Expert Press has been providing business students and professionals with precise, business information written by experts in their fields. 

The publishing philosophy at Business Expert Press is straightforward. |They seek to publish the highest quality books on the broadest possible range of business topics. Because the one constant in today’s global business environment is change, businesses, too, must change in order to remain competitive. Part of this process of adaption involves constant skills-building and ongoing education. Business Expert Press’s mission is to play a part in this process by providing forward-looking business content and the best available resource materials.

Their books are written by experts for non-experts, on topics that directly contribute to the growth of professionals and aspiring professionals. Business Expert Press books are concise and applied. They are researched- based with a practical focus. Often the topics of their books are narrow in scope but deep in the treatment of the subjects with which they deal. When the subject is broader the books are still concisely written and maintain an applied focus.

Their books are the result of a collaboration between the author and one of our 38 consulting editors, each of whom is an expert on the book collection over which he or she presides. These editors review and approve every book proposal accepted and final manuscript that we publish, thus insuring the quality and relevance of our publication program for our audience of business students and professionals.


Jacket Image Best Boss!: The Impact of Extraordinary Leaders
Dunacan Ferguson, John Furcon, Toni M. Pristo
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781637420782
150 pages, August 2021
Paperback / softback
23.00 EUR




Distilled from accounts of individual best boss stories, research and author experience, this book unlocks the powerful secrets of best boss leadership by providing a systemic approach for leading the best boss way. The authors also suggest strategies for reducing organizational barriers to successful leadership development. This book is offered for those who are looking to make a meaningful leadership difference in this challenging and chaotic world. It will inspire you to become the best possible boss you can be!


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