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 NOVEMBER 2023 TRADE and SCIENCE Highlights


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9781501382123 9781350358607 Cover Pride – Sin or Virtue?

The Nobel Prize and the
Formation of Contemporary
World Literature

Paul Tenngart
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781501382123
264 pages, November 2023
90.00 GBP

Hidden Patrons:
Women and Architectural
Patronage in Georgian Britain

Amy Boyington
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781350358607
328 pages, November 2023
Paperback / softback
19.99 GBP


Pride – Sin or Virtue?:
History and Phenomenology
of a Janus-faced Emotion

Ricardo Parellada
ISBN: 9789004683266
246 pages, November 2023
149.00 EUR
9781350278851 9783111027760 9783035627312

The Future of Language:
How Technology, Politics
and Utopianism are Transforming
the Way we Communicate

Philip Seargeant
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781350278851
256 pages, November 2023
20.00 GBP


Oligarchs’ Grip:
Fusing Wealth and Power

David Lingelbach,
Valentina Rodríguez Guerra
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783111027760
328 pages, November 2023
Paperback / softback
29.95 EUR

30 Trees:
And Why Landscape
Architects Love Them

Ron Henderson
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783035627312
256 pages, November 2023
49.00 EUR
9783111031798 9783110781052 9781805392286

Digital Business Strategy:
How to Design, Build and
Future-Proof a Business
in the Digital Age

Garvan Callan
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783111031798
300 pages, November 2023
Paperback / softback
34.95 EUR


Comic Book as Research Tool:
Creative Visual Research
for the Social Sciences

Stephen R. O'Sullivan
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110781052
242 pages, November 2023
89.95 EUR

John F. Kennedy’s Hidden Diary,
Europe 1937: The Travel
Journals of JFK and
Kirk LeMoyne Billings

Oliver Lubrich
Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781805392286
184 pages, November 2023
Paperback / softback
15.95 GBP
9781529227185 Barcode cover 9781478019251

Hate Crime in Football
Imran Awan, Irene Zempi
Bristol University Press
ISBN: 9781529227185
228 pages, November 2023
80.00 GBP

Jordan Frith
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781501399916
152 pages, November 2023
Paperback / softback
9.99 GBP

Marx for Cats:
A Radical Bestiary

Leigh Claire La Berge
Duke University Press
ISBN: 9781478019251
408 pages, November 2023
Paperback / softback
23.99 GBP


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