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OCTOBER 2023 TRADE and SCIENCE Highlights


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9783110796988 9781350287662 9780774868518

Leading by Weak Signals: Using Small Data to Master Complexity
Mark Lambertz, Peter Gomez
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110796988
234 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
25.95 EUR

Narrative Thread: Conversations
on Fashion Collections

Mark C. O'Flaherty
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781350287662
306 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
24.99 GBP


Messy Ethics in Human Rights Work
Christina Clark-Kazak et al.
University of British Columbia Press
ISBN: 9780774868518
280 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
34.00 GBP

9781501335921 9781529229615 9783110755978

David Bowie
and the Art of Music Video

Lisa Perrott
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781501335921
280 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
21.99 GBP

Gendering Green Criminology
Emma Milne, James Heydon, Kay Peggs, Pamela Davies, Tanya Wyatt
Bristol University Press
ISBN: 9781529229615
322 pages, October 2023
85.00 GBP

De Gruyter Handbook of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research
Berfu Ünal, Emma Folmer,
Gjalt de Jong, Niels Faber, Tom Long
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110755978
464 pages, October 2023
129.95 EUR

9781805391074 9781517916619 9780253067098

Removing Statues
and Renaming Places

Jenny Wüstenberg, Sarah Gensburger
Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781805391074
399 pages, October 2023
107.00 GBP


Last Bookseller:
A Life in the Rare Book Trade

Gary Goodman
University of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 9781517916619
200 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
12.99 GBP


Blissful Blindness:
Soviet Crimes under Western Eyes

Dariusz Tołczyk
Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253067098
442 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
45.00 GBP
9780268205829 9789004520165 9780826166937

Religion, Populism, and Modernity: Confronting White Christian Nationalism and Racism
Atalia Omer, Joshua Lupo
University of Notre Dame Press
ISBN: 9780268205829
310 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
29.99 GBP


Neglected Architectural Decoration
from the Late Antique City

Solinda Kamani
ISBN: 9789004520165
288 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
153.00 EUR

Fundamentals of Epidemiology
Kristin Wall, Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist
ISBN: 9780826166937
350 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
83.00 EUR
9780755636280 9783035626551 9783110792041

History of the Caucasus: Volume 2:
In the Shadow of Great Powers

Christoph Baumer
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9780755636280
384 pages, October 2023
35.00 GBP

Garden and Metaphor:
Essays on the Essence of the Garden

Ana Kucan, Mateja Kurir
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783035626551
320 pages, October 2023
45.00 EUR

Evolution of Scenario Planning:
Theory and Practice
from Disorder to Order

George Burt
De Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110792041
202 pages, October 2023
Paperback / softback
29.95 EUR


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