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Brill Ferdinand Schoningh

<p>Brill Ferdinand Schoningh </p>

Brill Ferdinand Schoningh

Ferdinand Schöningh GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 25 40
33055 Paderborn
Telefon:+49 5251 127-5
Fax:+49 5251 127-860

Founded in 1847 in Paderborn, Ferdinand Schöningh specializes in History, Catholic Theology, Pedagogy, Linguistics and Literary Studies.
The program comprises of highly esteemed book series published under the auspices of foundations such as Stiftung Konrad Adenauer Haus, Otto von Bismarck Stiftung and Kommission für Zeitgeschichte. It also includes the Handbook of the History of Religion, Handbook of Pedagogy and monographs on Ancient History, History of Synods, Modern History, National Socialism as well as Violence and Perpetrator History.
The family-owned company publishes several journals and around 170 new titles per year.
They are a member and shareholder of UTB, a successful German based marketing and sales organization for textbooks and academic literature.
Since January 2017 is a part of Brill Publishing
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