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Brill Wilhelm Fink

<p>Brill Wilhelm Fink</p>

Brill Wilhelm Fink

Wilhelm Fink GmbH & Co. Verlags-KG
Postfach 25 40
33055 Paderborn

Telefon : +49 5251 127-5
Fax : +49 5251 127-860
E-Mail :

In 1962 Wilhelm Fink, previous editor of Deutsche Verlags Anstalt DVA, founded his own publishing company. Starting with a number of philological works the program, which was acquired by Ferdinand Schöningh in 1973, expanded into Philosophy, Art and Cultural Studies. Amongst others the publisher established the field Media Studies in the intellectual debate in Germany and oversaw the editing of important collected works of Johan Huizinga, Susan Taubes and Friedrich Kittler. With the University of Konstanz, Wilhelm Fink established hermeneutics as a theory in modern intellectual history. The cooperation with the university led to the foundation of Konstanz University Press as an imprint of Wilhelm Fink.

The company publishes well-known journals and around 160 new titles per year and is also a member and shareholder of UTB.

Since January 2017 is a part of Brill


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