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IFI Claims,  part of Digital Science

The patent data experts

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services is a leading supplier of patent data for resellers and innovators in the research and healthcare sectors.

They provide global patent data to patent application providers and corporate researchers worldwide. Their patent database of more than 100 million records from 90 countries, including 53 million full-text records from 18 jurisdictions, is accessible through the unique CLAIMS Direct, a global patent database and web service for application developers, data scientists, and product managers. Their patent data is used in a variety of industries including investment services, life science companies, and intellectual property.

CLAIMS Direct empowers technology professionals and analysts in many industries

From drug development to investment banking, using a high-quality patent database can lead to new discoveries. Eighty percent of the information found in patents isn't available from any other source1. And if it is published elsewhere, there is typically a lag of several months.
1 Eighth Technology Assessment and Forecast Report of the USPTO.

The CLAIMS Direct platform was designed to handle many types of data and can also be used with other internal or external information sources. Add that to curated patent content delivered as a single consistent XML feed, and you can focus on other priorities instead of managing and cleaning data.

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