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University of Minnesota Press

<p>University of Minnesota Press</p>

University of Minnesota Press

University of Minnesota Press
Suite 290 111 Third Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 612-301-1990
Fax: 612-301-1980

Since 1st Janyary 2017 is a part of Combined Academic Publishers

*All books are distributed by NBN

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NBN International
Airport Business Centre
10 Thornbury Road
Devon PL6 7PP
United Kingdom 
Tel: 01752 202301
Fax: 01752 202331

* * University of Minnesota Press (UMP) will move distribution from NBN International to Marston Book Services - 1st April 2018 start date

Dues: All dues recorded for UMP at NBN International will be transferred to Marston Book Services from the handover date. 

Returns: UMP titles supplied by NBN International should be returned to NBN International within 3 months of the changeover meaning that these will be accepted (provided that they meet NBN International’s returns conditions) by NBN International up until 30th June 2018. UMP titles supplied out of NBN International will not be accepted by Marston Book Services.

Returns will need to comply with the standard conditions (cannot return within 3 months nor after 12 months and must be in mint and re-saleable condition). If UMP books were supplied to the trade before January 1st 2017 out of NBN but meet the conditions above we can accept the return.

 University of Minnesota Press is recognized internationally for its innovative, boundary-breaking editorial program in the humanities and social sciences and as publisher of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), the most widely used objective tests of personality in the world. Minnesota also maintains as part of its mission a strong commitment to publishing books on the people, history, and natural environment of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Established in 1925, Minnesota is among the founding members of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP).

In the 1980s, Minnesota emerged as the first university press to define its editorial program by critical method and perspective—social and cultural theory and interdisciplinary inquiry—rather than by traditional scholarly discipline. At that same time, the Press set a policy of publishing virtually all titles in paperback editions with the goal of increasing access to scholarship by lowering the cost to readers and maximizing circulation of the work it publishes. Minnesota extended this philosophy into the digital era in 2011 with the announcement that it would issue all new scholarly titles in simultaneous print and digital editions through partnerships with major e-book distributors.


  • Established: 1925
  • Annual title output: 110
  • Titles in print: 3,281 (as of Fall 2015)
  • Journals published: 9
  • Tests published: 5  (MMPI-2, MMPI-2-RF, MMPI-A, MPQ, SNAP-2)
  • First publication of MMPI: 1943
  • Best seller: Literary Theory: An Introduction, by Terry Eagleton, has sold more than 250,000 copies since it was first published by the Press in 1983.
  • First book published: The Press published Cyrus Northrop: A Memoir, by Oscar W. Firkins, in 1925.
  • Authors: About 75 percent of Press authors are academic faculty, with the rest including journalists, critics, and a broad range of individuals with varying expertise, from chefs to composers to wilderness guides. Faculty affiliated with the University of Minnesota write approximately 15 percent of the books published by the Press.
  • Number of print books sold each year: 345,000



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