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WH Freeman

W. H. Freeman and Company is an imprint of Macmillan Learning
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Hampshire RG21 6XS
Tel: +441256 329242
Fax: +441256 842084
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W.H. Freeman  was founded in 1946 by William H. Freeman.  Offers best-selling science textbooks with coordinated online homework assignments that create more engaging learning experiences designed to improve the practice of teaching and student success. W.H. Freeman collaborates closely with top researchers and educators to develop superior teaching and learning materials for the sciences. Their motto is: We know that a dedicated instructor and the right textbook have the power to change the world-one student at a time. We are committed to superior quality, discerning editorial vision and long standing commitment to education. 
W.H. Freeman publishes textbooks and e-learning resources for Higher Education students in the biological and physical sciences and in mathematics. 

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