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Jacek Lewinson - Publishers` Representative

Jacek Lewinson - Publishers’ Representative

We proudly represent a group of leading scientific publishers. Our services include providing information, consultation, promotion and sales service to educational institutions, professional associations, libraries, the book trade and companies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

We focus on printed books, e-books, online books, journals, databases and other digital products.


  • We support scientific libraries by offering information on new printed books and online publications.
  • We support universities and lecturers and help academics choose the right textbooks; we provide inspection copies and handle textbook adoptions.
  • We offer professional advice and solutions to law, medical and pharmacy companies, corporations, laboratories and R&D centers, as well as all other governmental, non-governmental and private institutions.
  • We offer solutions to learning organizations and recommend ready-to-use training, HR or leadership models and books written by top business authors.
  • We co-operate with European booksellers by providing information on new publications, regular sales visits to the market, and mailing service.
  • We provide information on relevant congresses, seminars and meetings.
  • We participate in local book fairs.


Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

We work in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan (except for Wiley), Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia (except for Thieme and Wiley), Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan (except for Wiley), Latvia (except for Thieme and Wiley), Lithuania (except for Thieme and Wiley), Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia (except for Palgrave), Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan (except for Wiley), Turkmenistan (except for Wiley), Ukraine, and Uzbekistan (except for Wiley).


We currently co-operate with:

  • Berghahn Books
  • Bloomsbury Academic (including Bloomsbury Professional, Hart, Fairchild Books)
  • Brill (including Hes & De Graaf, Hotei, Nijhoff and Rodopi)
  • Cabi Publishing
  • De Gruyter (including Birkhaeuser, Ontos Verlag, Akademie Verlag, Oldenbourg, K.G.Saur, Max Niemeyer, Mouton)
  • Georg Thieme
  • Macmillan International Higher Education (including Bedford/St. Martin’s, Palgrave, W.H. Freeman, Worth Publishers, Sinauer Associates, University of Science Books, British Film Institute, Roberts and Co, Springer(textbooks))
  • Wiley (including Polity, Jossey-Bass, Capstone, Wrox, Sybex, For Dummies, MOAC, Ernst and Sohn, VCH)
  • Wolter Kluwer Health (including Anatomical Chart Company)
  • Combined Academic Publishers (including Claeys & Casteels, Duke University Press, Fordham University Press, Indiana University Press, McGill-Queens University Press, New York University Press, Ohio University Press, Stanford University Press, Temple University Press, University of British Columbia Press, University of Illinois Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of Nebraska Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Texas Press, University of Washington Press)


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