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Subject catalogues
Academic New Books Jan-June 2020
Anthropology & Food Jan-June 2020
Bloomsbury Digital Resources 2020 *NEW!* 
Classical Studies & Archaeology Jan-June 2020
Drama & Performance Studies Jan-June 2020 
Education Jan-June 2020 
Film & Media Studies Jan-June 2020    
Hart Publishing 2019
History Jan-June 2020 
I.B. Tauris Middle East Studies Jan-June 2020 
I.B. Tauris New General Books Summer & Autumn 2019
I.B. Tauris Politics & International Relations Jan-June 2020 
Linguistics Jan-June 2020  
Literary Studies Jan-June 2020 
Major Reference Works 2019-20
Music & Sound Studies Jan-June 2020
Philosophy Jan-June 2020 
Religious Studies Jan-June 2020 
Theology & Biblical Studies Jan-June 2020 
Visual Arts Jan-June 2020


Digital Resources

Bloomsbury Digital Resources

Catalogue 2020


Academic Books

Academic New Books Catalogue January _ June 2020

Academic New Books Catalogue April-December 2019



I.B.Tauris subject catalogues

Politics & International Relations 
January- June 2020

Middle East catalogue
January - June 2020

I.B. Tauris History 2018-19

I.B. Tauris Middle East
Catalogue 2018-19

I.B. Tauris Politics & International
Relations Catalogue 2019

I.B. Tauris Middle East Studies
Catalogue 2019

I.B. Tauris International Relations
& Politics Catalogue 2018-19
Slavonic East European
and Eurasia Studies 2018


Bloomsbury Professional

Law catalogue


Bloomsbury Hart Publishing


Textbook catalogue 2019



Hart 2018 Catalogue Hart 2017 Catalogue 2016 Catalogue


Here you will find information about all of the series published by Hart

CAP Claeys and Casteels


Catalogue 2018-2019

CAP Combined Academic Publishers


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CAP Cornell University Press

Subject catalogues
Political Science 2019

Seasonal catalogues

Spring 2020

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CAP Duke University Press



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2019 Fall & Winter

2019 Spring & Summer

Fall 2018

CAP Fordham Universitry Press


Spring 2020 Fall 2019 Spring 2019

Fall 2018

CAP Indiana University Press


Spring 2020 

Fall 2019

Spring/Summer 2019

Fall 2018




Cover of our Fall 2019 Catalog



Spring 2018

Fall 2019

Spring 2019

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Subject Catalogues

Sociology 2019-2020 catalog cover

Law 2019-2020 subject catalog cover

religion subject catalog front cover, 2018-2019

Criminology subject catalog front cover 2018-2019





Gender and Sexuality subject series catalog cover for 2018-2019

History subject catalog cover for 2018-2019

Middle East Catalog

Anthropology subject catalog cover for 2018-2019

Gender & Sexuality


Middle East Studies


American Studies Subject Catalog front cover 2018-2019

Asian American subject catalog front cover 2018-2019

Media Studies Subject Catalog Cover 2018-2019


American Studies

Asian American Studies

Media Studies


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