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Information for Lecturers

The instructors are offered:

  • Free-of-charge inspection copies for course appraisal ( predominantly e-version via Vital Source platform
  • Access to instructors online supplementary teaching material upon a confirmed adoption - these are mainly companion websites that provide additional materials and extension activities

Inspection Copy Program

An inspection copy is a copy of a textbook that lecturers use to assess as a potential set text for their course or module. It is also known as exam copy, sample copy, or evaluation copy. Instead of payment, the publisher asks for feedback on books and confirmation of whether they will be used in their teaching. Publishers increasingly provide ebook copies rather than print.

Most textbooks are available free to instructors to review for possible classroom adoption. Requests are subject to approval and the requester has to meet the requirements:

  • the course is taught in English 
  • the course is taught in the local language but the students are expected to study from English-language textbooks
  • there are at least 10 students enrolled for the course

What is adoption?

Adopting a textbook means you will use the book for one of your classes and recommend it to your students. There are 4 different ways a book may be adopted: as the essential book, as one of two main books, as a recommended or one of several books, or as background reading. We use this information to make sure your chosen text is available for students via your library or bookshop.

How to order?

You can apply for a copy directly via the publisher's websites by clicking the Request a sample/Request an Inspection Copy button and filling in the request form. You can also get in touch with us and we will arrange an inspection copy free-of-charge.

Simply visit the publishers' website below, find the textbook that might be suitable for your course and either fill the online form or drop us an e-mail making sure you provide the required information.

  • Bloomsbury (Humanities and Social Science including  Architecture, Fashion, Education, Law)
  • Bristol University Press (Social Science including Criminology, Environment and Sustainability, Politics and International Relations)
  • Combined Academic Publishers (textbooks from American Universities like Stanford, New York, Cornell, Duke, Nebraska, Pennsylvania....)
  • De Gruyter (great range of subjects)
  • Eurospan Group (great range of subjects - from different publishers)
  • Macmillan Learning (great range of subjects)
  • LWW

Please make sure you provide us with the following details at the time of your request:?

  • Full name
  • Academic e-mail address
  • University name
  • Faculty/Department
  • Full academic postal address (we send samples to academic addresses only)
  • Title
  • Author
  • ISBN
  • Course/module name
  • Course/module start date
  • (Expected) Number of students per year
  • Academic level (e.g. 1st-year undergraduate)
  • Language of instruction

General rules that apply when requesting inspection copies:

  1. Each Lecturer should apply individually for an Inspection Copy. 
  2. According to the publisher policy, all Inspection Copy requests are verified. Verification is a standard procedure.
  3. Only 3 titles can be ordered at one time by one teacher and within any one academic year. But the final decision depends on the publisher.
  4. Not all titles are available on inspection – only those which are suitable for higher education level study and which have course adoption potential
  5. Books will only be sent to academic institution addresses
  6. Email address with Institution domain is required to provide e-copy
  7. You will be asked to complete the feedback form within 60 days of receiving your inspection copy
  8. We may use your personal information to contact you by email and telephone to request feedback on the samples we have sent you, regardless of whether you have otherwise opted-out of receiving our promotional communications.
  9. We may store and use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy
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