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Jewish Studies

    Complete Titles List  (2Q2019)
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New Titles in 2Q 2019





Fragments of Hell: Israeli Holocaust Literature
Dvir Abramovich
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781644690048
150 pages, March 2019
94.00 EUR

Kashrut & Jewish Food Ethics
Shmuly Yanklowitz
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781618119049
360 pages, March 2019
32.00 EUR

Remaking Holocaust Memory: Documentary Cinema by Third Generation Survivors in Israel
Liat Steir-Livny
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9780815636502
352 pages, March 2019
34.00 EUR




Theatre and Judaism
Yair Lipshitz
Macmillan International Higher Education (JL)
ISBN: 9781352005660
86 pages, March 2019
7.99 EUR

Connecting Histories: Jews and Their Others in Early Modern Europe
Francesca Bregoli, David B. Ruderman
University of Pennsylvania Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780812250916
328 pages, May 2019
58.00 GBP

From Qumran to the Synagogues:
Selected Studies on Ancient Judaism

Géza G. Xeravits
De Gruyter (JL)
ISBN: 9783110614312
306 pages, March 2019
86.95 EUR




Jews in Arab Countries: The Great Uprooting
Georges Bensoussan
Indiana University Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780253038579
512 pages, March 2019
70.00 GBP

Decolonizing Auschwitz?: Komparativ-postkoloniale Ansätze in der Holocaustforschung
Steffen Klävers
De Gruyter (JL)
ISBN: 9783110597622
257 pages, March 2019
79.95 EUR

Typically Jewish
Nancy Kalikow Maxwell
University of Nebraska Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780827613027
352 pages, March 2019
17.99 GBP




Jews and Jewish Identities in Latin America:
Historical, Cultural, and Literary Perspectives
Yaron Harel, Margalit Bejarano, Marta Francisca Topel, Margalit Yosifon
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781644690321
426 pages, February 2019
43.00 EUR

Under the Shadow of the Rising Sun: J
apan and the Jews during the Holocaust Era
Meron Medzini
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781644690314
236 pages, February 2019
31.00 EUR

My Journey Home: Life After the Holocaust
Zsuzsanna Ozsvath
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781618119018
280 pages, February 2019
21.00 EUR

* New Volume of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945

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