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Jewish Studies

Complete Title List (4Q2021)
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New Titles in 4Q 2021



9781350151499 9783110700626

Historians at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial:
Their Role as Expert Witnesses

Mathew Turner
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781350151499
256 pages, October 2021
75.00 GBP


Polemical and Exegetical Polarities
in Medieval Jewish Cultures:
Studies in Honour of Daniel J. Lasker

Ehud Krinis, Nabih Bashir, Sara Offenberg, Shalom Sadik
De Gruyter (JL)
ISBN: 9783110700626
525 pages, October 2021
119.95 EUR


The Impact of the Presidency of Donald Trump
on American Jewry and Israel

Steven F. Windmueller
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9781612497099
December 2021
Paperback / softback
24.00 EUR


The Angel and the Cholent:
Food Representation from the Israel Folktale Archives

Idit Pintel-Ginsberg
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9780814348840
277 pages, October 2021
Paperback / softback
39.00 EUR


Jesus Reclaimed:
Jewish Perspectives on the Nazarene

Rabbi Walter Homolka
Berghahn Books (JL)
ISBN: 9781800732100
166 pages, November 2021
Paperback / softback
22.95 GBP


Jewish Women's History
from Antiquity to the Present

edited by Federica Francesconi and Rebecca Lynn Winer
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9780814346310
580 pages, November 2021
Paperback / softback
52.00 EUR



Think Higher Feel Deeper:
Holocaust Education in the Secondary Classroom

Mark Gudgel
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9780807765975
168 pages, October 2021
Paperback / softback
39.00 EUR


Women Writing Jewish Modernity, 1919-1939
Allison Schachter
Eurospan (JL)
ISBN: 9780810144361
240 pages, December 2021
Paperback / softback
37.00 EUR


The Jews in Old Poland, 1000-1795
Andrzej Link-Lenczowski, Antony Polonsky, Jakub Basista
Bloomsbury Academic (JL)
ISBN: 9781350185968
368 pages, January 2022
Paperback / softback
28.99 GBP


9781800733176 9780253057570

Nothing New in Europe?:
Israelis Look at Antisemitism Today

Anita Haviv-Horiner
Berghahn Books (JL)
ISBN: 9781800733176
186 pages, November 2021
89.00 GBP


Confronting Antisemitism from Perspectives
of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Armin Lange, Dina Porat, Kerstin Mayerhofer, Lawrence H. Schiffman
De Gruyter (JL)
ISBN: 9783110582338
300 pages, November 2021
0.00 EUR


Gendering Modern Jewish Thought
Andrea Dara Cooper
Indiana University Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780253057570
270 pages, November 2021
Paperback / softback
25.99 GBP


9780253058126 9780827613232
Contending with Antisemitism
in a Rapidly Changing Political Climate

Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Indiana University Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780253058126
424 pages, November 2021
Paperback / softback
22.99 GBP
The Jewish Family Ethics Textbook
Neal Scheindlin
University of Nebraska Press (JL)
ISBN: 9780827613232
382 pages, October 2021
Paperback / softback
22.99 GBP
Thy Father’s Instruction:
Reading the Nuremberg Miscellany
as Jewish Cultural History

Naomi Feuchtwanger-Sarig
De Gruyter (JL)
ISBN: 9783110354218
637 pages, December 2021
149.95 EUR


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945, Volume III

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945

Volume I: Early Camps, Youth Camps, and Concentration Camps and Subcamps under the SS-Business Administration Main Office (WVHA)

Volume II: Ghettos in German-Occupied Eastern Europe

Vol. III: Camps and Ghettos under European Regimes Aligned with Nazi Germany

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