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Bloomsbury Berg Fashion Library

The Berg Fashion Library The authority on world dress
The Berg Fashion Library is a perfect on-line resource for Fashion, Art, History, Drama & Anthropology Courses and Research.  Updated three times a year to keep students, scholars and professionals at the cutting edge of their subject.
An invaluable resource for scholars, students, professionals, and anyone interested in dress and fashion.
Winner of the 2011 Dartmouth Medal, 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair Digital Award, 2011 Bookseller FutureBook Award for Best Website, and the 2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Electronic Reference Award, the Berg Fashion Library is the only resource to provide integrated text and image content on world dress and fashion throughout history.
Includes the Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, an extensive E-Book collection, a vast image bank, extra reference resources and more.
What is inside?
The Berg Fashion Library includes 13,000 images, the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, free lesson plans, eBooks, reference, interactive timeline, new exhibition archive and more. View contents.
It is a part of  Bloomsbury Fashion Central:
Incorporating the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, this unique online resource is the leading source of information on dress and fashion. Berg Fashion Library offers users access to an expanding range of essential fashion resources, and is updated at least three times a year to keep students, scholars, and professionals at the cutting edge of their subject. It is essential for students and scholars in disciplines as diverse as anthropology, art history, history, sociology, geography, folklore, museum studies, theatre and cultural studies as well as fashion and textiles.
Features and Benefits

Images © The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Images © Brooklyn Museum
Images © Philadelphia Museum of Art
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