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Now Available via Evidence-Based Acquisition Bloomsbury Collections offers excellence and originality in scholarship covering the arts, humanities, and social sciences and we invite you to discover more than 6000 eBooks across 12 subject areas in our online library. And we now offer Bloomsbury Collections via the Evidence-Based Acquisitions model so you can acquire exactly the titles your users most want and need. Bloomsbury EBA list of books (January 2021)    Video and Tutorials EBA CR EBA HU EBA LT EBA PL EBA RO EBA RU EBA SK Areas of Study Anthrop ... read more
Evidence-Based Acquisition Title List (February 2023) click to download Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) is an effective way to build your library collection based on usage data. The advantage of our model? The library is in control of making the decisions. Unlimited access to outstanding research Purchase decisions based on usage data Videos and Tutorials EBA Newsletter 2023 Evidence-Based Acquisition EN Evidence-Based Acquisition CR Evidence-Based Acquisition HU Evidence-Based Acquisition PL Evidence-Based Acquisition RO Evidence-Based Acquisition SK WHAT ARE THE A ... read more
Evidence-Based Acquisition Videos and Tutorials Evidence-Based Acquisition EN Evidence-Based Acquisition RU Evidence-Based Acquisition PL Peter Lang EBA list of books September 2020 How does it work?  A library plays an upfront access fee to access a collection of books for an agreed period of time. The access fee is much smaller than that to purchase the entire collection. At the end of the access period, the library makes selections based on the usage; and the access fee goes towards the purchase of these titles. The purchased titles will remain as part of the library&rsqu ... read more
Brill’s Evidence Select (Evidence-Based Acquisitions) Brill EBA list of books (updated January 2021) Access is set up for the period of the agreement against a predetermined budget Content can be tailored by subject areas and years of publication After the predetermined period, E-Books are acquired in perpetuity based on usage reports EBA is the solution for: Libraries who want to be fixed, predictable costs for ebook expenditure from year to year = budget control Libraries who want to offer instant access to the maximum pool of titles – and the maximum convenience – for their users Libraries which want to allow their patrons to hel ... read more
Taylor & Francis’ new funnel-shaped Evidence-Based Acquisition Model Combines the idea of a subscription to eBook content, plus the selection of eBook content which the customer owns after the end of the subscription period.  Video and Tutorials Evidence-Based Acquisition PL How this model works for Taylor & Francis:  The library agrees to a fixed fee – the amount can vary according to the amount or type of content the institution would like access to.   After paying the fee, the library’s users will get access to all 135.000 eBooks from T&F for three full months. W ... read more
Law e-Book collections (Evidence-Based Acquisition) You now have the opportunity to gain access to the complete law e-Book collections of three renowned publishers for minimal fees via their Evidence-Based Acquisition models. The publishers include De Gruyter, Brill and Hart (Bloomsbury). Here’s how it works: You pay a deposit You get online access to the selected publisher’s law eBook collections You will receive usage statistics regularly After 12 months you decide which titles you want to keep perpetually for the amount matching the deposit So with this model there is a subscription element - for 12 months users can read all the titles with u ... read more
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