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Bloomsbury Collections

Bloomsbury Collections

Bloomsbury Collections delivers instant access to quality research and provides libraries with a flexible way to build eBook collections across the humanities and social sciences. It contains over 5,000 titles, featuring content from Bloomsbury’s latest research publications as well as a 100+ year legacy including Continuum, T&T Clark, Bristol Classical Press, Berg, The Arden Shakespeare and Hart Publishing. 

Options are flexible to help librarians complete their collections by subject, collection year, or selected series. Libraries can order all collections, or a combination of collections to suit.

Collections are available by subject, publication date, or series. Browse the full list of collections or download a title list.

Features and Benefits

For researchers

  • Instant access to 100s of key works, easily navigable by research topic
  • Cite, share and personalize content
  • Search full text of titles; filter by date, series or subject
  • Browse by Subject
  • Find the most relevant book chapters quickly and intuitively
  • Hyperlinks: find works in the same subject or by the same author; link between text and endnotes or bibliography
  • Download and print chapter PDFs without DRM restriction
  • Use on your tablet or smartphone

For librarians

  • Unlimited access via IP authentication and other standard access methods
  • Athens and Shibboleth support
  • Conforms to accessibility standards
  • MARC records with durable links at title level
  • DOIs at book and chapter level
  • Usage stats including COUNTER 4
  • Online and telephone customer and technical support; promotional materials supplied
  • Library branding
  • Free trials
  • Flexible purchase options

New collections now live! Each collection includes live titles published from early 2016 with the estimated title count to be completed at the of this year.

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Options are flexible to help librarians complete their collections by subject, collection year, or selected series. A complete title list is available to download.

Available Collections

Subject Collections of Latest Research 2013 - Present
Anthropology • Biblical Studies • Bloomsbury Open • Classical Studies & Archaeology • Education • Film and Media Studies • History • Law • Linguistics • Literary Studies • Philosophy • Politics and International Relations • Religious Studies • Theology   

Archive Collections
18th- and 19th-Century Literature • Aesthetics & Cultural Theory 1999-2012 • Ancient History 1983-2012 • Ancient Philosophy 1984-2012 • Anthropology  1993-2013 • Applied Linguistics 2000-2012 • Bloomsbury Open 2008-2012 • Christian Doctrines 1988-2013 • Christology 1982-2011 • Classical Literature 1994-2012 • Contemporary Writing, Theory and Culture 2006-2012 • Continental Philosophy 2000-2012 • Early Modern History 1971-2013 • Film Studies 2000-2013 • International Critical Commentary 1901-2014 • International Relations 1998-2013 • Media Studies  2008-2013 • Modernism 2005-2012 • Pauline Studies 1984-2012 • Philosophy of Education 2008-2012 • Political Theory and Philosophy 1998-2013 • Politics  1993-2013 • Poyser Monographs • Religious Studies 2008-2012 • Second Language Acquisition 2004-2012 • Shakespeare 2003-2012

Archive Collections (Hart Publishing)
Comparative Law, Legal History and Legal Studies • Competition Law • Constitutional and Administrative Law • Contract, Tort and Restitution • Corporate and Financial Law • Criminal Law and Justice • Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources Law • European Law • Family and Social Law • Human Rights Law • Intellectual Property Law • International Law • Labour & Discrimination Law • Legal Philosophy • Litigation & Civil Procedure • Medical Law & Ethics • The Law of Property Trusts 

Special Collections
Ancient Commentators on Aristotle • Birds and Mammals of Africa • Business and Management • Continuing Professional Development • Education Around the World • Essential Histories (Osprey Publishing) • Geographers Bibliographical Studies • History of Technology • International Critical Commentary 1901-2014 • The Churchill Collection: Published Works of Winston S. Churchill • The Collected Works of Edward Schillebeeckx
Landmark Texts Collections (Bloomsbury Academic Collections series)
Biblical Studies • Economics • History • Japanese History • Linguistics • Literary Criticism • Philosophy • Shakespeare Studies

Forthcoming Collections

Special Collections
Sport Science • The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe

Special Collections
The prestigious Ancient Commentators on Aristotle, The Churchill Collection and the International Critical Commentary
Landmark Texts Collections
Online versions of the Bloomsbury Academic Collections print sets. Covering Japanese History, Biblical Studies, History (British, European, Latin American and history of science and technology), Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Philosophy and Shakespeare Studies, this historic content is reissued from extensive bodies of work from imprints such as Athlone Press, Pinter, T&T Clark, Burns & Oates, Cassell Academic, and Continuum

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