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Brill publishes 200 journals titles – including 16 e-only titles and 6 full open access titles. Many of Brill’s journals are indexed by major abstracting & indexing services, such as Web of Science and Scopus. All back volumes are digitized and are included in the Brill Journal Archives Online.

Brill Online Journal Collections 2018:

Brill offers the following journal collections online in 2018:

  • Brill Online Journal Collection (280 titles)

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Humanities and Social Sciences (204 titles)

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / International Law and Human Rights (63 titles)

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Biology Biology (13 titles)

In addition, we offer 3 sub-collections:

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Religious Studies (55 titles)

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Middle East & Islamic Studies (28 titles)

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Brill Research Perspectives (22 titles)​

Brill Journals, Collections and Archives

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