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DeGruyter Journal Archives

DeGruyter Journal Archives

Going back to the early 19th century and spanning across many different subject fields, De Gruyter’s journal archive is a rich resource for each and every researcher.

With the ability to trace developments in knowledge and opinions across decades, our journal archive enables academics to rediscover forgotten works, which can shed new light on modern research.

In offer

  • 345 subscription journals
  • 209 periodicals in English
  • More than 5.5 million pages
  • Publications dating back to 1826, covering almost 2 centuries worth of academic research


  • Combine archive access and ongoing journal subscriptions
  • Archive purchase guarantees perpetual access
  • Monitor usage via COUNTER compliant statistics
  • Permanent access secured by Portico

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  • FIXED PACKAGES- Choose from one of our 15 packages calculated with an attractive discount 





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De Gruyter Journal Archive 1826 - 2014

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