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Discover diverse and high-quality journal program, offering more than 900 journals covering all areas of scientific research.

  • More than 900 journals, 381 subscriptions based, 565 open access
  • More than 860 journals in English, with 306 of them subscription-based
  • 9 new eJournals in 2017
  • High-impact: 163 journals received an Impact Factor for 2016


  • Free access to all volumes since 1995 for subscribers
  • Free access for newly launched titles
  • Great discounts based on number of titles and FTE bandings
  • Individual purchasing options: individual subscriptions, Pick & Choose, set packages
  • User-friendly DRM: Free download, print and store contents for personal use
  • Publisher Partner journals are included in the packages
  • Constant access to each journal secured by Portico
  • De Gruyter Publisher Guarantee


We apply multi-site pricing for institutions with more than one campus or location. Please contact your Sales Manager for details. 

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All languages

All languages

English language titles only:



Don’t miss the journal program of our Publisher Partners. Their journals are included in all De Gruyter price lists and packages.

Publisher Partners

As of 2015 De Gruyter also delivers the print issues of Publisher Partner journals to all customers with a bundle subscription.

For our customers outside Germany, Austria, and Switzerland we will be offering 19 journals of our Partner Wolters Kluwer. These journals will not be included in our packages but will be available in a separate collection.


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