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MSI Eureka

Largest bibliographic data base in materials constitution, 445.761 entries  bases on periodical table

The only source of constitutional information on ALL inorganic material systems: over 70.000 systems

The world’s largest source of evaluated phase diagrams, over 4400 systems

Critical evaluations: ~4.000 -> 4.356   (+70 per year)

MSI Eureka's objects:

  • alloys (steels, bronzes, magnets, implants, electronic materials,…and more)
  • non-metals (ceramics, sensors, semiconductors,…and more)
  • composites (cermets, …and more)

MSI Eureka's features

  • simple search by the periodic table of elements
  • delivers relevant results only
  • complete overview:
  • from the year 1830 to present
  • ~250 journals + grey literature monitored continuously
  • 443,082 citations on 70,678 systems (as of Oct. 2016)
  • coverage of relevant literature better than anywhere else (e.g. Inspec, Web of Knowledge, etc.)
  • stays current with the world’s publications

*Database is created by global team, MSIT

Materials Science International Team is the group of experts behind MSI Eureka. MSIT compiles and evaluates data, generates missing data, creates new knowledge, for over 30 years

Who should use MS Eureka?
MS Eureka  is a must-have resource for:

• All libraries supporting Materials Science and Chemical research

• Academic Institutions with a research focus on Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering

• Government Organizations that conduct research in these areas

• Corporate Libraries that support research in the fields of bulk and fine chemical manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemicals, oil and gas, semiconductors and optical materials, metals, ceramics and polymer synthesis and processing

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We do offer 3 -weeks trial for universities, institutions and libraries. 
What we need is:
1. External IPs of the entire university
2. Contact data of the librarian/administrator
3. The date when you wish to start your 3-weeks trial.
4. Send request
For more information, or to place an order, contact:
Ewa Komorowska 
skype: ewa.komoro Mob: +48 508 524 480
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