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Macmillan Explorers

Macmillan Explorers

Hundreds of eTextbooks for your undergraduate course, all in one place

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Macmillan Explorers provide university students and academics with unlimited access to an online library of high-quality textbooks mapped to subject degrees.

Explorers support teaching and learning in Computer Science, History, Literature and Political Science. Each one includes 175-200 titles.

Written by leading authors in the field, they are developed to specifically meet the needs of students and practitioners seeking to excel in their studies.

Titles are curated into groupings based on key areas of study that form a 3-4 year undergraduate degree programme.

Explorers provide students with a wealth of e-textbooks, available instantly at the touch of a button.

Key features

  • Offline access on 4 devices
  • Save bookmarks
  • Print pages
  • Export notes & highlights to OneNote



What do Explorers offer for Faculty?

Explorers enable faculties to provide their students with a comprehensive bundle of e-textbooks ensuring they have all the reading material they need.

  • Confidence students have unrestricted access to high-quality resources
  • Encourages students to read more widely around subjects
  • Easily share specific notes and instructions with all students
  • Add significant value for prospective students
  • Monitor student usage and engagement

What do Explorers offer for Students?

  • Personal copy of each book in the collection
  • Offline access available on up to four devices
  • Highlight text and make notes – export notes to OneNote
  • Create bookmarks with one click
  • Copy/paste passages for group work/assignments
  • Print sections/pages as you need them
  • View classmates’ and instructor highlights and notes
  • Automatically sync notes and bookmarks across devices

Additional Information

*Free Trail available 

 I would be delighted to set up trial access, so you can take a detailed look at the content included and to assess its suitability for use within the School. 

If this is of interest I would simply require the names and email addresses,  to arrange a 14 days test drive. Send to

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