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Peter Lang Evidence Based Acquisition

Evidence Based Acquisition

How it works?

  •  A library pays an upfront access fee to access a collection of books for an agreed period of time. The access fee is much smaller than that to purchase the entire collection.
  • At the end of the access period, the library makes selections based on the usage; and the access fee goes towards the purchase of these titles.
  • The purchased titles will remain as part of the library’s collection in perpetuity.
  • The library may choose to continue in a second year – again under similar terms


Option 1) 12 month access to 4200 titles (English) from 17 subject areas.  Upfront price $35.000.

Option 2) 12 month access to your choice of 7 subject collections.  Upfront price $20.000

Option 3) 12 month access to 1 subject collection.  Upfront price $5.000

After 12 months the titles you select to the value of the deposit remain a permanent part of your collection

EBA – Subject Collections

History 371
English Language & Literature 610
Linguistics 482
Philosophy 241
Romance Languages & Literature 221
Media & Communication 118
Film & Performance Studies 83
Art 57
Music 70
For an EBA you can choose one collection, seven collections or all of the titles from the Peter Lang eBook list


  • All titles are DRM-free (unlimited concurrent access model)
  • IP-based access
  • Shibboleth, Athens authentication to increase usage
  • COUNTER4-compliant usage statistics
  • Cross Ref (DOI created at book level for citation linking) to make content easy to find, link, cite
  • Free and straightforward access to MARC records

For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:
Magda Patryas 
Mobi:+48 512 203 910,

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