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Taylor and Francis ElectricalengineeringnetBASE

Taylor & Francis/CRC Press is a major publisher in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, publishing hundreds of focused reference works, research monographs, handbooks, and educational texts annually. 
The cutting-edge collection- ElectricalengineeringnetBASE - consists of over 2400 titles covering a broad range of topics including power electronics, control systems, signal processing, telecommunications and more.
This eBook collection provides the fundamental principles and advanced techniques required to design everything from the most complex power systems to the smallest electronics.

To view the eBooks available in ElectricalengineeringnetBASE please click on this link: EEtitles (titles published as of November 2020)

We would now like to invite your institution’s users to gain access to these resources by participating in a free 60 day trial of the collection.
Please contact to arrange the setup or to ask for more information.

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