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Thieme MedOne Spine

MedOne Spine

A comprehensive platform replete with precise illustrations, first-rate text, and innovative programming, MedOne Spine offers relevant spine information to surgeons at every stage of their career.

MedOne is a powerful platform, perfect for residents and experienced specialists alike. Combining expert information with stunning visuals, it works as both a learning and teaching tool. For busy residents and specialists, MedOne makes it easy to complete research whether at home, at work, or on the go.

Thieme eSpine is a continuously growing resource with new spine care content being added as soon as the latest titles are available.

MedOne Spine features:

  • E-Books - A fully searchable database with access to premier spine care e-books.
  • Procedures - Step-by-step instructions for 250 surgical procedures.
  • Media - 19,000 images with legends and 200 videos.
  • MedOne@Home - Access MedOne offsite.

Licensing Options:

  • Available to institutions through the internet
  • Several licensing options allow for flexible agreements
  • Unlimited campus- or site-wide access controlled through your institution’s IP address
  • All licenses automatically receive updated content as new titles are released
  • Thieme Clinical Suites - Brochure (PDF, 1 MB)
  • MedOne Spine Brochure (PDF, 870 KB)

For more information, open 30-day FREE TRIAL, or to place an order, contact:

Kinga Przydryga 
skype: przydrygak  email:   Mob: +48 502 615 752

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