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Cross Knowledge A Wiley Brand

CrossKnowledge is an online learning resource in leadership, management and personal development, developed in collaboration with leading names from some of the World’s most prestigious Business Schools, including London Business School, Harvard Business School and INSEAD. 

It consists of over 300 courses each containing videos, in-depth training sessions, revision exercises and action tips for practical application, designed for use in Business Schools worldwide and accessible anywhere at any time.

CrossKnowledge is:
The best performing and most innovative world’s leading distance learning provider.

Perfect e-Learning solutions for higher education: Business Schools, MBA Programs, Universities or other Educational Institutions when the world of education is facing new challenges.

Unique combination of technology and training expertise that allows to create individualized,  tutor-led training packages on any subject. is:

exclusive and accessible learning resources in leadership, managementand personal development.

Covers over 300 courses with 20,000 learning objects

Created in joint efforts with an international faculty from the 20 best business schools in the world
Localized in  17 languages with a real adaptation to local markets

CrossKnowledge offers exclusives videos of internationally-renowned experts and managers from the world. Those  videos offer advice and inspiration through real-life anecdotes.
Over 60 Faculty members share key findings from their research, essential knowledge, critical insights and valuable expertise on key business stakes ranging from leadership to Lean management
 Key Contributors Include: Charles Handy,  Manfred Kets de Vries, Kym Warren, Jeremy Myerson, Tal Ben-Shahar, Jean Pierre Detrie

Meet Faculty

Leaders Series its c150 short videos, of leaders from flagship and innovative companies sharing personal stories and sharing advice around critical issues such as ethics, hiring talent, culture etc

Key contributors Maggie Buggie: Global Head of Digital Sales and Marketing, Capgemini Nigel Paine: former Head of BBC Training & Development Simon Colbeck, Head of Innovation at M&S

Learning Formats:

Group Milennials

Suited for millennials

Millennials are digital savvy, constantly connected, at ease in a globalized world and used to navigating in a world of unlimited information. This generation cannot imagine living without smartphones and sees the world as a global village with endless possibilities and the answer to any question is just a click away.

Millennials also look at the workplace differently: they do not have a job, but a career. They move fast, are ambitious and are thirsty for growth and development. When a position no longer satisfies their needs and desires, they leave immediately. To meet the high expectations of Millennials your learning and development programs must adapt accordingly. Do you have what it takes to keep the millennials engaged and motivated?

‚ÄčCrossKnowledge is an Awards Winner:

  • Top 20 Learning Portal Companies List by
  • Best Advance in Learning Management Technology
  • 2015 TOP 20 Content Development Companies List
  • TOP 20 Leadership Training Companies List
  • Top 20 Authoring Tool Company List
  • 2015 Gamification Companies Watch List

Short Introduction to Cross Knowledge


  Jason Harthaway (Director of Content and Learning Solutions)

 *Free Trail available 

 I would be delighted to set up trial access, so you can take a detailed look at the content included and to assess its suitability for use within the School. 

If this is of interest I would simply require the names and email addresses,  to arrange a 30 day test drive. Send to

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