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Wolters Kluwer Health eTextbooks

Wolters Kluwer Health eTextbooks

WKH eTextbooks are available as individual titles, you can pick and choose any title. It will be delivered as flowable ePub format via Kortext or VitalSources platform. Both platforms can be integrated with university LMS.

The access for students can be supplied either via VLE Integration or as multiple individual codes. Both platforms required downloading the free app to student’s personal devises.



The apps allow students to make a bookmarks, notes and highlights the text. The content is fully searchable, parts of text can be printed out and exported.

The price of the subscription is based on the number of students at the course.

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Ultimate Flexibility In Access
Whether your students need access for a year or forever, on one machine or multiple devices, through your institution or a bookstore, we can help!
Ultimate Flexibility In Delivery
As you’ll see below, our eBooks work with the full range of devices—from iPads and Nooks to laptops, Kindles, and more. Not sure which one is best?
Ultimate Flexibility In Tools
We’ve partnered with the most innovative eBook providers—whose platforms enable students to engage in content in a way they can’t with the printed page. 

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