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Applied Visual Arts

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Featuring the best and most inspiring content for students and instructors across fields of visual arts practice.

This comprehensive resource comprises an exceptional collection of richly illustrated books packed with practical tools, guidance, and inspiration for students on practice-led visual arts courses. It covers a diverse range of fields including design and illustration, fashion and textiles, architecture and interiors, film and media, marketing and advertising, and photography.

  • Over 170 illustrated books across all the main fields of the applied visual arts, combining pedagogy, inspiration, and career guidance within a searchable platform
  • A versatile combination of titles from a range of series, covering key skills and topics in each field and at different levels of study, sequentially from basic concepts to careers and professional practice
  • Richly illustrated content, with each title typically offering between 150-250 full-colour images, expressly designed to meet the needs of visual learners


Structured, accessible coverage of applied visual and graphic arts which will support a wide variety of programs, including interdisciplinary and multi-media programs

A wealth of practical pedagogy, such as case studies, leading practitioner interviews, and activities provide teaching resources for instructors, while embedding students’ understanding of real-world applications and supporting portfolio development

Illustrations showcasing work or explaining techniques and concepts, with enhanced PDF viewing, allow invaluable close engagement with visual materials to spur creative thinking

New editions will be added each year to ensure students are exposed to the best and latest technical know-how and trends in professional practice


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