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Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies

March 2019 via annual subscription to institutions worldwide. 

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of education and childhood studies around the world. Using highly structured and original content, users can easily study and compare countries through six key sections: early childhood, childhood, youth, primary education, secondary education and higher education. Combined with existing eBooks, articles, and helpful research tools, students can study and build an understanding of education systems, policies, and the nature of childhood and youth experience in different countries throughout the world.

Key Content:

  • 300 peer-reviewed articles on six levels of education and childhood across 18 countries
  • Country Overview articles that provide accessible introductory information on Early Childhood, Childhood, Youth, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education
  • The entire Education Around the World reference series, comprising 18 volumes and covering every single country in the world
  • Over 70 academic eBooks on comparative and international education, including Peace Education (Prose Award Honorable Mention 2017) and Secondary English Teacher Education in the United States (NCTE ELATE Meade Award Winner 2018)
  • A collection of over 60 policy reports from the World Bank Group Open Knowledge Repository
  • Links to external resources, educational data, and statistical information
  • Downloadable tables and enhanced graphs for easy viewing
  • Annual updates twice a year that will include eBooks and new articles, eventually covering all countries in the world

Features and Benefits:

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies offers an interactive, easy to navigate user experience:

• Powerful search function and related content makes finding relevant information quick and easy
• Browse function allows users to explore by Place, Education Level, Topic and Content Type
• Country and Section landing pages bring relevant content together
• An interactive world map helps users find content by region and country
• A seamless pop-up glossary enhances students’ understanding of the text

Free Trial Access Available
For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:
Jacek Lewinson
Mobi:+48 502 603 290, skype:jacek.lewinson ,

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