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Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases

Fashion Business Cases

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The first collection of business case studies specially developed for fashion education.

From design and sourcing to marketing and retail, this world class collection is packed with hundreds of cases enabling students to master in-demand business and analytical skills for their careers. Global in focus, cases present real-world challenges facing the business of fashion across sectors, tackling important issues such as sustainability, technology, ethics, and leadership. Bringing dynamic, experiential learning to the classroom, cases are designed to support the pedagogical needs of a global readership of students, from foundation to graduate level, building knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Fashion Business Cases
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What’s in Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases

Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases brings fashion business to life and creates a link between education and industry. Designed to help students develop the essential business skills required by the next generation of fashion industry professionals, this digital resource is global in focus and presents real-world cases on challenges facing the business of fashion, tackling important issues such as sustainability, technology, ethics, and leadership. The resource is tailored to provide the tools to steer students toward success as they transition to a career in fashion. 

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About the Case Collection

Cases are a popular and effective educational tool for students to learn and apply business concepts to real-life situations, strategies, and dilemmas. Cases provide an overview and background information associated with an issue or problem a company is facing. Students are then asked to review and analyze the background material, evaluate multiple alternative solutions, recommend and justify an optimal solution for the company, and predict outcomes of the solution. Cases provide the opportunity to apply and practice analytic, evaluative, and communication skills.

The case collection addresses a wide range of pedagogical needs, from illustrating core classroom principles to fostering in-depth independent research. Cases are divided into the following levels:

  • Introductory: for foundation and first-year undergraduates
  • Intermediate: for mid- to upper-level undergraduates
  • Advanced: for postgraduates

and are split into three different types:

  • Field case: based on the author’s insider experience in the industry
  • Public case: based on publicly available information on the industry
  • Scenario case: based on a fictional but realistic company

Together the cases create essential tools for the entire fashion curriculum and bridge the gap between education and industry to equip the next generation of fashion industry leaders.

Content Highlights

  • Hundreds of cases covering a vast range of topics designed to suit the entire breadth of the fashion curriculum, from design to retailing
  • Global in scope exploring the industry beyond the USA and UK into territories such as Europe, Asia, and the Pacific
  • A range of levels, lengths, and approaches to suit varying student requirements throughout their studies
  • Partner case collections from leading fashion business schools around the world including RMIT University, Melbourne and LIM College, New York
  • Teaching notes for each case with extended teaching notes for 72 cases, exclusively available to authenticated instructors
  • Supplemental teaching resources that help educators make the most out of the dynamic case study method of teaching


Authoritative cases selected and reviewed by a team subject specialist editors who bring valuable educator and industry experience

  • Real cases that explore issues facing the industry right now, with of-the-moment challenges that engage and inspire students
  • New and updated cases uploaded twice a year, tackling the key issues facing varying sectors of the industry
  • Visually oriented cases covering topics including design and visual merchandising provide a rich and varied learning environment
  • The comprehensive taxonomy aligns with global fashion curriculums, allowing powerful search and browse to discover new and relevant content

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